14 July 1909: baptism of Dorothy May, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dancey, 62 India Road

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Mr A. C. Russell  –  Mrs Franklin 6d, L. G. 3d, Mrs Richardson 2d, A Friend 3d, A. Friend 2d, Mrs Price 6d, A Friend 3d, A Friend 3d, C.M.O. 1/-, F.P. 6d, A Friend 3d, Mrs H. A. Dancey 1/-, Mrs Sceats 3d, Mrs Brown 3d, Mrs Beekes 1/-, F. Gough 2d, H.E.A. 2d, H.P. 4d, F. Alway 3d, A.E.M. 9d. Total 8/-. [sic]