Dalton [040112]

7 October 1309: Hug’ de Modburlegh’. sruiens vic’ de Hundr’ de Buckelowe. venit ad Castru’ Cestr’ die Mrcur’ pxa post +f’m+ Natiuitatis b’e Marie virg’is. & prsentauit quemd’ equu’. prc’ .iij.s’. de catall’ cuiusdam Rogeri. [blank] cap’lli. qui fugit ad eccl’iam de Aston’ & tamqa latro ibi se tenuit  Et pstea prd’cs equus venditr. p .iiij.s’. vnde camrar’ respond’ videl’t. Joh’ de Dalton’. Idem Hugo & Thom’ le Warde sruient’ vic’ de Hundr’ prd’co die lune in Castino S’ci Math’. ap’li [Monday 22 September 1309] prsent’ ad Castr’ Cestr’ vna’ pacca’ Mrcimonii. de bonis Thom’ Russell. fug’. set qua’tum prd’ca valet nescitr. eo q’d incluso fuit in Canab’. & sigillat’ & lib’ata fuit Camrar’ custod’. eo q’d vic’ apposuit clam’ suu’. Et postea +J. de Dalton’+ camrar’ vendebatr. I’o inde onratr in co’pot +&c’+

25 November 1309: Rob’ts de Bulkel’ nup vic’ Cestris’  Rob’ts de Hemyngton’ psona ecc’e de Malpas, Joh’es le Blount, Will’s de Bulkelegh’, Will’s de Trofford, Rob’ts de Bradeford, Rob’ts Camrar’ & Petrs de Wetenhale cogn’ se deber’ d’no Rob’to de Holond nup Justic’ Cestr’ quinqagint’ libr’ in acquiet’ Joh’is de Dalton’ Camrar’ Cestr’ de tempe eiusd’m Rob’ti de arrerag’ eiusd’m Rob’ti de Bulkelegh’ de toto tempe quo fuit vic’ Cestris’ sub eod’m Justic’, soluend’ die d’nica in festo s’ci Th’m Ap’li pxi’o futur’ [20 December 1309] sine ultriori dil’one. vel q’d id’m Rob’ts vic’ redd’ corps suu’ Constab’ Cestr’ p prd’cis den’ eod’m die s’ci Th’m. Et nisi fecrit, vel fecrit &c’ Conced’ p se & h’ed’ suis q’d vic’ Cestris’ de terr’ & cat’ suis fieri fac’ &c’

29 January 1904: ‘Windsor Royal Infirmary. The Committee beg to acknowledge with their grateful thanks the following gifts:- Collected at Willow Tree inn, Cotton Hall, Eton, £7 7s; workmen in employ of Messrs Nevile Reid & Co., £4; Crown and Cushion Slate Club, Eton; box at Crispin inn, Sunningdale, 5s 8d. Rabbits, from His Majesty the King and Sir Francis Tress Barry, Bart., M.P.; a grant of clothes, from the Berks and Bucks Needlework Guild; old linen, from the Misses Taylor and Mrs Goodhart; Christmas tree for the Children’s Ward, from the Hon. Mrs L. Cust; dolls, toys, &c., from the Masters de Paravicini, Mrs Creak and Mrs T. Dalton; a turkey, from the Rev. J. H. J. Ellison; and a case of wine, from the Mayor of Windsor, for the nurses and patients’ entertainments; a metaphone, from Mr C. Harrison; books from the Religious Tract Society; a scrap book for the children, from “A Friend” at Datchet; magazines, from the Countess of Arran, Captain Mugford, Mrs Ewen, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Bampfylde, Miss Dyer, the White Hart Hotel, and anonymously.’

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Green Bank Hotel: Mr and Mrs Calder Hardy, Mr and Mrs Hawes, Mr and Mrs Wood, Miss Hearn, Miss Cross, Mr Percy Phillpotts, Mr N. Pawle, Mr Malcolm Pawle, Mr Keith Mackenzie, Mr and Mrs Brinkley, Misses Brinkley (2), Mr and Mrs Thomson, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Mr Wade Dalton, Mr and Mrs Bettson, Dr and Mrs Grant Wilson, Miss Stevenson, Miss Macdonald, Mr and Mrs Bosher, Mr E. L. Usher and son, Mr Dickinson, Mr Danson, Mr Corder and party (3), Mrs Provis, Mrs Barton, Mr and Mrs Rickards, Mr and Mrs and Miss Sarle, Mr and Mrs Ellison and party (4), Mr Pitcairn, Mr Van Blitz, Mr R. R. Appleby (resident)

15 April 1953: County court judgment against E. C. Dalton 50 Knowe Road, Stanwick, Carlisle, major in H.M. 251 Field Regt. R.A.

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Mary Ann Dalton, 16 Mount Parade, Harrogate, boarding house keeper; in favour of A. Melrose Ltd

7 October 1968: Feature on Derek Dalton (pictured) (21), of 53 Clough Road, Rotherham, a Rotherham United fan paralysed with polio since he was two.

c1990: Dr Katharina Dalton, 60 Wimpole Street, W1; 25 High Point, North Hill, N6