Cross [03181519]

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by James Cross, 167 Price Street, Birkenhead, butcher, in favour of George Sowerbutts

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Joseph Cross, 48 Pierrepoint Street, Nottingham, letter carrier, in favour of Aaron J. Jacobs and another

28 August 1891: Public Notice. Grey African parrots with crimson tails. I have the most superior lot in the world, not at fabulous prices, black eyed young beautiful birds, with full wings and tails. Why buy secondhand? Come to the head and have the profit that you should have. Don’t be gulled by fairy tales; no man on earth can supply you as I do. Just say what you desire. W. Cross, largest dealer in the world. Patronized by Royalty. 18 Earle Street, Liverpool.

Just imported. Orange waxbills, fire finches, mannikins, Senegal waxbills, 12/6 doz. or mixed, no less sold. Cross, Liverpool.

Parrot, a beautiful grey, one of the handsomest in
Liverpool, 10/6. Don’t be misled. Cage, mounted in brass, 4/6. Wm. Cross, Liverpool.

Read this. African red face lovebirds, in perfection, 4/3 a pair. Cross, Liverpool.

Notice. Will be taken in exchange for foreign birds or animals, swans, peafowl, ravens, and other stock. Cross, Liverpool.

For Sale: Peacocks’ feathers, another consignment. Cross, Liverpool

Arrivals this week at Cross’s Menagerie. 150 grey parrots, 20 tame South Coast grey parrots, 8 Amazon parrots, 110 parrakeets, 20 singing cock canaries, 400 small birds (mixed), 50 tortoises, 1 talking grey parrot, 50 pairs red faced lovebirds, 10 pairs pintail whydahs (in colour), 15 monkeys (various), 364 German hen canaries, 2 Leadbeater cockatoos, 7 blue birds, 6 white swans, 3 seals, pair Australian crested pigeons, 2 marmosets. 18 Earle Street, Liverpool.

January 1896: St Matthew’s Church, Higher Audley, Blackburn, Curacy Fund: from 1 February to 31 December 1895. Parochial Subscriptions. 5s each: Mr Blackshaw, Misses Almond, Mr Clarkson, Rev. G. Coe, Mrs Shorrock, Mrs Holden (Ripon Street), Mr Brennand, Mr Gillibrand, Mrs Green, Dr Howard, Mr Brierley, Mr J. Carter; 4s each: Mr T. Brindle, Misses Ashton (Audley Range), Misses Sanderson, Mrs Clayton; 3s each: Mrs Greenslade, Misses Walmsley; 2s 6d each: Mrs Smith, Miss Anelay, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Prescott, Mr Hobkirk, Mrs Dewhurst, Mr T. Haworth, Mr Calderbank, Miss Smithson, Miss A. A. Shorrock, Miss E. Cook, Miss Sowerbutts, Mr James Singleton, Mr Richard Ashton, Mrs Haworth (65 Audley Range), Mr Wright, Mrs Westall, Mrs Isherwood, Mr Richmond, Miss A. Morris, Mr Shaw, Mrs Houghton, Mrs Grime, Mrs Gardner, Mrs Dearden, Miss Gill, Mr Bell, Mrs Singleton, Mr Lawson, Mr G. Halliwell, Mr R. Entwistle, Mr Norris, Mr Clemson, Mr Turner, Mrs Astley, Mrs Hammond, Mr Winckley (Higher Audley Street), Mr Pashley, Miss Fisher, Mr A. Harwood, Mrs Haworth (Higher Audley Street), Mr Bury, Mr Sandham, Mrs Haworth (Walter Street), Mr W. Hardman, Mr Cross, Mr B. Walsh, Mrs Halliwell, Miss Astley and Miss Lucas. Total – £10 7s.

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Green Bank Hotel: Mr and Mrs Calder Hardy, Mr and Mrs Hawes, Mr and Mrs Wood, Miss Hearn, Miss Cross, Mr Percy Phillpotts, Mr N. Pawle, Mr Malcolm Pawle, Mr Keith Mackenzie, Mr and Mrs Brinkley, Misses Brinkley (2), Mr and Mrs Thomson, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Mr Wade Dalton, Mr and Mrs Bettson, Dr and Mrs Grant Wilson, Miss Stevenson, Miss Macdonald, Mr and Mrs Bosher, Mr E. L. Usher and son, Mr Dickinson, Mr Danson, Mr Corder and party (3), Mrs Provis, Mrs Barton, Mr and Mrs Rickards, Mr and Mrs and Miss Sarle, Mr and Mrs Ellison and party (4), Mr Pitcairn, Mr Van Blitz, Mr R. R. Appleby (resident);

Falmouth Visitors List: King’s Hotel: Mr and Mrs L. Nunn, Mr Barton, Mr Jollan and chauffeur, Mr and Mrs Corrie, Messrs Cross, Franklin, Pugh, Gresty, Spanner, Wright, Evans, Braund

22 October 1916: baptism of Marion Georgina Cross

6 June 1932: Joan Cross, 21 Northfield Way, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

7 September 1944 at St Sepulchre’s New Buildings, Church Lane, Sheep Street, Northampton, an evening concert given by the junior pupils of Muriel Bartle, assisted by Mattie Gibson, L.R.A.M., elecutionist. The performers were Margaret Welch, Rona Green, Gwendoline Cross, Daphne and Muriel Tarling, Eileen Osborne, Marilyn Gray, Peggy Probert, Shirley Letts, Brian Payne, Eileen Pyne, Margaret Coleman, Joan Pragnell, Sheila Walker, Christine Freeman, and Joan Gibbes. Chairman Mr W. B. Felce. Introductory remarks by the Reverend G. F. Turner, chairman of the local ‘Endeavour Pool’ committee (waifs and strays).

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: B. Cross, 8 Grange Street, Seedley

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mr F. A. Cross, The Six Bells Restaurant, High Street, Ashford, caterer

4 October 1963: Jean Cross, soprano Covent Garden Opera Chorus

6 November 1968: Graham Cross pictured, in a group photograph of Leicester City Football Club