Craig [03180109]

18 March 1880: Bill of sale (collateral security) by Thomas Currie Gregory, civil engineer, Andrew Lockie Craig, civil engineer, and John Frederick Charles Norman, merchant, of property at Hawks Tor, Blisland, Cornwall, in favour of Herbert G. H. Norman

25 March 1880: Pursuer: J. & P. Cameron, general carriers, &c., 31 Dundas Street, Glasgow. Defender: David Craig, carting contractor, Garngad Road, Glasgow.

January 1915: Miss Elsa Craig, soprano, Ivy Lodge, Eaton Terrace, St John’s Wood

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Bolton Theatre and Entertainments Company Limited. Bolton, Grand (R. 11) – Jackie Hunter, Murray and Hinton, Reub. Silver and Marion Day, Knight and Jewell, Craig and Voyle, Betty Allen, Miles Sisters and Royston.

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: Captain A. D. E. Craig

4 October 1963: Charles Craig, Covent Garden Opera

26 June 1971: ‘Different trips appeal to different people, which is why we mention that Mr R. Craig of 17 Beatrice Street, Ashington, Northumberland, advises of a Gothenberg trip he is organising by way of Harwich – ship with night club, dancing – Frederickshaven; two nights in Gothenberg, one night in Hamberg; two nights in Amsterdam, and return via Rotterdam to Immingham. Price of £58 includes seat at Ullevi Stadium for the final. We don’t know Mr Craig of course, it would be up to applicants for full schedule and terms to make their own enquiries, we are merely passing on the information from the Transport Officer of Ashington & District Speedway Club.’