Cox [03152400]

31 January 1840: List of Passengers received on board the H.C. Steam Vessel Berenice at Bombay & Aden for passage to Suez: : Lieut W. Captain Cox, 1st class, from Bombay to Suez

4 September 1848: Barbados: Passenger arrived per Standard: Mr Cox, for St Vincent

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Avening: Abode: Avening: Matthew Cox. Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Tetbury: William Cox. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Eastcombs: Estcourt Cox and Samuel Cox; Abode: France Lynch: Thomas Cox. Parish of Cranham: Abode: Cranham: Joseph Cox. Campden Polling District: Parish of Mickleton: Abode: Mickleton: Thomas Cox. Parish of Welford: Abode: Welford: William Cox. Cheltenham Polling District: Township of Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: High Street, Cheltenham: John S. Cox (duplicate); Abode: Wellington Street, Cheltenham: John S. Cox (duplicate). Hamlet of Woodmancote in Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Wellington Street, Cheltenham: John S. Cox (3) (duplicates). Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: Wellington Street, Cheltenham: John S. Cox (6) (duplicates).

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Thomas Cox, Apperley. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Barton St Michael: Joseph Cox, for a house in Hampden Place. Occupiers of houses in St Catherine’s parish: William Cox for a house in Pitt Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St Mary de Crypt: Francis Cox, for a house in Southgate Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St John the Baptist: Thomas Cox, for a house in Worcester Street.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by William Cox, 7 and 9 Chetwode Street, Crewe, ginger beer manufacturer, in favour of George Wadsworth; and a bill of sale by Catherine Cox, 1 Bentinck Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, grocer, in favour of James Platt; and a bill of sale by Anthony Cox, 114 King Edward Street and The Fourteen Houses, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, soda water manufacturer &c., in favour of Marks Feldman; and a bill of sale by William Cox, Costello’s Buildings, Monmore Green, Wolverhampton, and Joseph Cox, 30 Park Street, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton, nut, &c., forgers, in favour of Jonas Hart

18 August 1880: Burnham. ‘At the Axbridge Town Hall, on Friday, two of the divisional county magistrates (Rev. J. A. Yatman and Captain Long) investigated an extraordinary affair that occurred the night previous at Burnham, and which occasioned great excitement in the town, resulting in two sons of Mr Cuthbert Ritson, J.P., of Ravensworth House, Burnham, and chairman of the Board of Health, being sent to prison for an assault on their father, and also upon Sergeant Hancock, of the county constabulary. It appears that for some time past serious family disputes have arisen between Mr Ritson and his two twin sons (Mr C. and Mr J. Ritson) young men aged about 24 years. On Thursday, shortly before midnight, the conduct of the sons, under the influence of liquor, was of so threatening a character that Mr Ritson sought the intervention and protection of the police, and shortly before midnight Sergeant Hancock, of Burnham, and P.C. Cox, stationed at Highbridge, entered the premises and endeavoured to prevail on the sons to retire to rest and leave their father unmolested. Instead of doing so, both sons, who are powerful young men, ordered the police officers to quit the premises, and assumed a very threatening attitude towards them. The gas was extinguished, and whilst one of them seized a stick, the other rushed upstairs and came down, as the sergeant perceived by his light, with a drawn sword, formerly the property of a deceased brother (a volunteer officer). The police sergeant, considering himself in imminent danger, the point of the sword being directed towards him, released his hold from the son he had endeavoured to take the stick from, and grappled with the one having possession of the sword, and succeeded, after a desperate struggle in which they all took part, in taking it from him. Both sons were subsequently handcuffed and removed in a conveyance to Axbridge … both prisoners were subsequently conveyed to the Shepton Mallet gaol. Great sympathy is felt in Burnham for Mr Ritson, who is greatly esteemed by the inhabitants generally.’

28 August 1891: For sale: 8yds. double width black French merino. Cost 3/6 yard; price 15/- lot. Cox, fruiterer, Luton, Beds.;

For Sale: Watercolour drawing, country view with cottage, by D. Cox; old pencil sketch. West Hartlepool, signed A. Penley. Sacrifice for 30/- cash. Owner, 49 Victoria Road, Clapham

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts visiting the Roads last week: Katherine, cutter, Mr Potter; Insect, s.s., Colonel Dugmore; Auriga, schooner, Mr Close; Lohengrin, Marquis of Carmarthen; Seaweed, yawl, Mr Harold Simpson; Morven, s.s., Mr J. K. Hoare; Chrysallis, s.s., Mr E. Salvin Bowlby; Vista, Mr Frederick Cox; Veldiz, Admiral Grant; Aziola, Mr H. D. Crosse; Susan, Major Finch; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Paulina, Mr A. Shuttleworth; Luna, cutter, Mr T. B. Jameson; Nerine, s.s., Mr Cecil Murray; Christabel, Mr A. C. Rennard; Vivandière, Major H. N. Webb; Vista, Mr Cox; Corinne, Mr Goschen; Gabriell, the Hon. John Baring; Chloris, yawl, Mr Garfit; Dierdré, Lord Lonsdale; Inyoni, Lord Dudley; Orelia, Mr Forbes; Freelance, Captain Ellis; Matador, Major Finlay; Cassandra, Mr F. M. Huth; Assegai, Colonel Crozier; Wasp, Mr Stanley; Mera, Mr P. Ralli; Tambourine, Mr Spooner; Dycillio, Mr Joseph Mosell; Siesta, Mr William J. Brown; Ariadne, the Hon. Mrs Meynell Ingram; Vera, yawl, Mr Llewellyn; Wanderer, Mr Densham; Alvina, Mr Cave; Gladys, Mr Barton; Goshawk, s.s., Mr West; Violet, s.s., Earl de la Warr; Lassie, Mr Stevenson.

Yachts lying in the Roads:- L’Esperance, cutter, Lord Dunraven; Venetia, s.s., Lord Ashburton; Ceres, s.s., Duke of St Albans; Verona, Lord Lonsdale; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Asphodel, Prince Henry of Battenberg; Nerine, Mr Cecil Murray; Celia, Mr A. Smith-Barry; Vera, Mr W. J. Trevelyan; Dolly Varden, Mr T. Ratray; Briso, Mr Douglas Atkey; Reindeer, schooner, Mr S. P. Mumford; Wych, Admiral de Horsey; Coral, yawl, Messrs Cox and Orgill; Gladys, s.s., Mr C. Barton; St George, schooner, Mr Wythes; Derma, Sir John Burgoyne; Lucifer, Dr J. B. Hoffmeister; Gladys, Mr C. Barton.

Castle Yacht Club: This club had fine weather, with a hard south-westerly breeze, for their matches in the Solent classes on Monday. There was a large attendance of the members of the club and friends at the club-house to witness them. Luna proved that she is a good hard-weather boat, and she fairly beat all in her class, while Inyoni again showed signs of tenderness, as did Asphodel, in which her owner sailed. The 20-raters were much better represented than the other classes, but the sport was poor. Match for yachts over 18 and not over 20-rating. The entries were: – Deirdré, 20, Earl of Lonsdale; Asphodel, 20, Prince Henry of Battenberg; Luna, 20, Nr. L. B. Jameson; Dragon, 20, Earl of Dunraven; Inyoni, 20, Earl of Dudley; Thelma, 20, Mr A. B. Walker. These six started with housed topmasts and reefed mainsails. They had a run to the first mark, which they rounded in close order, Inyoni leading, with Luna next, then Asphodel, Thelma, Deirdré and Dragon. Leaving the mark it was a beat to windward, and in the second tack Thelma had to give up, owing to carrying away her bobstay plate. After Cowes harbour had been past it was a reach, and then Luna went with the lead, and Asphodel was left last. In the run from the western mark, Asphodel headed Deirdré in the broad reach, but before they had hauled round the Calshot Spit lightship Prince Henry’s boat was again last. In the second round the wind was somewhat lessened, and all sported gaff topsails save Asphodel and Inyoni, which sailed without them. Dragon gave up in the beat to Lepe, and went into Cowes Roads. The others completed the race as follows:- Luna, winner, 3h 24m 4s; Inyoni, second prize, 3h 29m 18s; Deirdré, 3h 31m 5s; Asphodel, 3h 32m 18s. In the 5-rating race the starters were:- Pente, Lieut.-Col. Bucknill; Fleur-de-Lis, Mr S. H. Montgomery; Red Lancer, Captain John Orr-Ewing. The times at the finish were:- Fleur-de-Lis, winner, 3h 19m 5s; Pente, second prize, 3h 25m 38s. Meneen, Mr A. Hardie Jackson; Mystery, Hon. H. L. Mulholland, M.P.; and Kismet, Miss Cox, were the starters in the 2½-rating class, and they finished as follows, Mystery and Kismet making a close race towards the end of the match:- Meneen (winner), 3h 12m 44s; Kismet (second prize), 3h 14m 59s; Mystery, 3h 15m 2s. Meneen was steered by Captain St John Hughes (South Wales Borderers), who has only just returned from Egypt. Fay, Mr T. M. Lord, sailed over in the 1-rating class. There were only two starters in the ½-rating class, viz Coquette, Lieutenants Vandeleur and Churchill; and Spruce, Mr J. A. Brand. The latter gave up, and Coquette finished alone. Among the company at the clubhouse were Count Metternich, Hon. Constance Waldegrave, Countess of Scarborough, Marchioness of Zetland, Lady Maud Dundas, Major the Hon. C. Colville, Colonel Dugmore, Captain G. Spencer Smith, Captain Haynes, R.E., Major Parry, Captain Cecil Drummond, Hon. W. Ruthven, Captain J. Orr-Ewing, Miss Hughes, Mr and Mrs Lord, &c.

Royal Albert Yacht Club. The opening reports of this club, of which H.R.H. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg is Commodore, took place on Wednesday, June 6th, in anything but pleasant weather, as a threatening cheerless morning was followed by a heavy downpour of rain all the afternoon. … Match for yachts of 1-rating. Entries: – Worry-Worry, Mr H. R. Langrishe; Morwena, Miss Sutton; Fay, Mr T. M. Lord; Unorna, Hon. W. Ruthven; Estrella, Mr H. Cox. Fay sailed well and proved an easy winner; Morwena taking second prize, Unorna third prize.

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. A special meeting was held at the club premises, Falmouth, on Monday afternoon. There were present, Messrs J.G. Cox (in the chair), F. Williams, G. Dash, T. R. Blamey, Major Mead (Hon. Sec.), and J. A. Nicholls (Secretary). The minutes of the last meeting showed that the Prince of Wales had sent his annual subscription of 25 guineas towards the annual regatta fixed for Monday, 30th July. The Sailing Committee were empowered to draw on the funds of the Club to the extent of £150 towards the regatta. During the past week circulars have been issued, asking the members to contribute to the regatta funds, and amongst those who first subscribed was Mr F. Barrett, Vice-commodore, who has given £20. The club will offer £210 in prizes. It is understood that the Prince of Wales has promised to allow his yacht Berenice to take part in the regatta at Mount’s Bay, Penzance. On Monday, the Mayor of Penzance received an intimation from Mr Gould, that his yacht Vigilant would be entered for the regatta. Mr Gould has also given £20 towards the regatta funds. As the Mount’s Bay regatta will take place on July 27th, and the Royal Cornwall on July 30th, it is anticipated that the big yachts will pay us a visit, and race in the splendid waters for which Falmouth is so well noted. The yacht arrivals this week have been very scarce. Those who arrived included Mystic, cutter, Mr C. J. Pearson, from Queenstown; Columbia, s.y., Mr H. Maccinth, from Scilly; and Arminde, yawl, Count d’E. Premesnil, from Boulogne.

29 January 1904: ‘Sports and Pastimes: Windsor and Eton team against Reading Amateurs in the League match at Reading on Saturday will be selected from the following players: M. Mackay, W. Wellbourne, F. J. Rowland, L. Williams, C. Wren, H. Cook, E. Skinner, G. H. Hobbs, C. Hyde, J. Wilkins, G. Prior, J. Kingston, H. Gillingham, C. Ewins. The players will travel by the 12.55 train. The replayed tie in the divisional final of the Junior Cup between Windsor and Eton Reserves at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday should attract a large number of football enthusiasts from Windsor on Saturday. The Reserves will be at full strength, F. Holtum and W. Fountain having recovered from their injuries. The team will be: – H. Tilly; F. Holtum, J. Cort Starie; W. Hester, G. Cox, L. Blane; W. Henry, S. Perry, W. Fountain, J. Bourne, F. Taylor. Reserve, C. Ewins; linesman, C. Barker. 1.40 and 2.15 G.W.R. trains.’

15 August 1905: Postcard to Mr Cox, 35 Grafton Street, Northampton: ‘Dear Mr Cox   Just a Slight reminder. dont do so much flirting   Jennie & you I mean   hoping you are in much better Health   From Polly

8 February 1908: St Augustine’s Petty Sessions: Saturday – Saturday – Herne: Frederick George Gray, the licensee of the Lower Red Lion, Herne, was summoned with selling drink to one Frederick Cox, while in a drunken condition on January 24. – Mr R. M. Mercer represented the defendant, who pleaded ‘Not Guilty’. – P. C. Barham stated that on the 24th of last month he was on duty in Herne Street about 9 p.m., when he saw a man named Fred Cox come from the direction of Herne Common. When passing witness in Herne Street witness noticed he was the worse for drink. Witness allowed him to go on as he was quiet, but when he came to the Lower Red Lion he entered. Witness then went after him and followed him inside, when he heard prisoner calling for two-penny worth of whiskey. He did not see Cox served, and Cox went through into the tap room as soon as he saw witness enter the house. Witness followed him into the tap room where he saw the landlord and a number of others, and he drew the landlord’s attention to Cox and told him not to serve him as the man had had enough to drink. Witness then left the house and stayed in the street until 10 p.m. when he saw a number of men leave the house. About 10.5 p.m. Cox came staggering through the doorway carrying two quart bottles of ale. He started going up the street and had not gone far before he commenced using bad language. Witness went after him, and caught him up about eighty yards from the public-house. He took Cox into custody for being drunk and disorderly. Cox stood the two bottles down in the street and became very violent. Witness closed with him, and they both fell to the ground. . He subsequently got Cox to Herne Bay and he was brought before the magistrates the next day. On Sunday evening, the 26th, at 7.30 p.m., he went with Sergeant Thomas to see Gray and told him Cox had made a statement to him, and he read the statement to him. It was made by Cox on the way to the Canterbury Police Court. Cox said “I am sorry. I know I had too much to drink. I was not served with any whisky, but I said to the landlord ‘As I cannot have any drink myself give that man a pint (meaning Carswell), whom I treated. I only had two bottles of ale to take home.” In reply to this Mr Gray said “I served Cox with two bottles of beer to take home for supper. He did not treat anyone or have any drink in my house.” – Sergeant Thomas corroborated as to the interview with Gray  –  Mr Mercer said he only wished to make one observation before calling his evidence, which he thought would conclusively prove the defendant’s innocence, and that was to ask their Worships to disabuse their minds entirely of the fact that Cox pleaded ‘Guilty’ to being drunk and disorderly. When he appeared before the Magistrates  Cox was wishing to join his ship, which sailed almost at once, and had he asked for adjournment to establish his innocence of the charge he must have lost his ship and voyage. Therefore he pleaded guilty to avoid the inconvenience of delay  –  Defendant in the witness box stated that he had been the licensee of the house in question for twelve months. Cox came into his house on the night in question about five minutes to ten. Witness was in the tap-room with eight or ten customers. Cox was well-known to him, and had been bred and born in Herne Street. They said “Good evening” to each other, Carswell offering Cox his glass of beer. The constable entered the house and said “Don’t give that man a drink; he has had enough.” Cox turned to P.C. Barham and said “I am not drunk,” and he appealed to those present, who said that if Cox was drunk they were all drunk. The constable then went out and round to the back, where he saw witness’s wife and sister. The sister called witness through, and there he found Barham, who said “I should not have followed him in here only he has been insulting people up the street.” When the constable and the sargeant came on the subsequent date he told them Cox’s statement was incorrect in regard to Cox’s treating Carswell.  –  Emily Cobbett, licensee of the First and Last, said that on the evening in question Cox was at her house. He came in at 9.30 and asked for a quart of beer, with which she served him. He shared the drink with others, and was perfectly sober. – Several other witnesses were called, who stated that Cox was sober. The Chairman (Mr F. H. Wilbee), after the Bench had briefly consulted on the case, said: I should like to say that for any trouble or expense that the defendant has been put to in this case he has only himself to thank. It was entirely his own fault, and his conduct was very unwise. The majority of the Bench consider he is ‘Not Guilty’, however, and the case is dismissed.

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Mrs Williams – Mrs Harris 6d, Mrs Cox 6d, Mrs Mann 2d, Mrs Richings 3d, Mrs Morris 3d, A Friend 4d, Mr Mortimer 6d Total 2/6

1 September 1923: News of Old Girls: At Whalley Range Methodist Church, by the Reverend R. Cox, Hilda White married to Norman Irwin;

25 October 1923: News of Old Girls: At Whalley Range Wesleyan Church, by the Reverend Charles Rickard, of Southsea, assisted by the Reverend Roland Cox, the marriage of Arnold Ramsden Rickard of Shanghai, eldest son of the former, to Linda Margery eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R. W. Gamble of Whalley Range

January 1932: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: C. G. Cox, 42 Windsor Road, London E.10; F. J. Cox, 14 Lifford Street, S.W.15

May 1933: Advertisement: Cox & Son, boot & shoe retailers, clothiers and gent’s outfitters, 58 Percy Street, Old Basford. Ladies’ and gent’s macs & raincoats a speciality;

Advertisement: Hymans & Cox: Charles Hymans, F.S.M.C., F.B.O.A., F.I.O., A. Jackson Cox, F.S.M.C., F.B.O.A., F.I.O, for expert optical work. National Health Insurance Opticians, 18 Chapel Bar, Nottingham

July 1934: Report (with group photograph) on the Mundella Old Boys’ dinner held at the Reform Club on 23 March. There were present: Mr R. B. Wight; Dr Cecil Roberts (guest of honour, ‘as usual, in sparkling mood. His speech, though provocative in parts was a piece of sheer virtuosity in after-dinner speaking’);  L. J. Levin (councillor, chairman of the Finance Committee); C. A. Ross; A. D. Smith; R. G. Vernon; C. Goldsworth; L. G. Gibson; P. T. Distin; D. Smith; J. Bartlett; B. Smith; B. E. Dean; H. B. Bishop; J. Westmoreland; K. Woollatt; Mr H. W. Jones; Mr L. Brettle (Headmaster of the Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield); H. B. Holbrook; J. Robinson; Mr Stace; Mr Kendall; W. C. Thomson; Mr Winfield; Mr Baynes-Smith; R. Burton; A. A. Shipside; P. G. Strouther; Bagguley; J. Daykin; A. R. Stone; C. D. Dickenson; Mr Austin; L. J. Widdowson; Ron Hadrill and Noel England (providing musical entertainment); Mr Thomas; T. E. Hall; A. J. Bates; A. C. A. Chisholm; H. B. Briggs; P. E. Hall; J. G. Hall; R. Lipman; Mr Jackson; Mr Broadburn; F. Hopewell; J. C. Steward; J. W. Perkins; F. Bee; K. Stocker; Mr Broomfield; Mr Storey; J. W. Adkin; J. Mackay; G. Atkinson; F. H. Anthony; F. G. Cox; S. A. Coleman.

January 1936: Advertisement: Oyes! Oyes!! Oyes!!! Try John Cox, 146 Park Street, Luton, for your groceries and provisions. Quality, price and service to all. Delivery to all parts of the town. May I solicit your kind support.

17 May 1938: Mr Arthur Bedward Spencer of Blidworth Dale, managing director of the firm of George Spencer, Ltd, Vedonia hosiery works, Basford, and also managing director of the subsidiary firm of W. E. Saxby, Ltd, bleachers and dyers, of Bar Lane, Basford, who died in a Nottingham nursing home on Thursday, in his 48th year, was cremated at Wilford Hill yesterday. A service was held at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, Nottingham, after which the ashes were scattered over the park at Blidworth Dale. The services at Wilford Hill, Mansfield Road church, and at Blidworth Dale, were conducted by the Reverence James Amos, M.A., minister of Moseley Baptist Church, Birmingham, formerly of the Mansfield Road church. … The mourners were: Mrs A. B. Spencer (widow), Mr George Spencer (father), Mr H. B. Spencer and Mr G. H. Spencer (brothers), Mr John Spencer (uncle), Mr A. I. Spencer and Mr Vernon Spencer (cousins), Mr D. G. Hopewell and Mr D. H. Jackson (brothers-in-law), Mr F. Ballam (Belfast), Mr James Barlass (Manchester), Mr F. Cox (Market Harborough, Mr Geoffrey Dawson (Bury St Edmunds), Mr J. C. Edwards (Manchester), Mr A. C. Farrow (London), Mr Eric Forth (Nottingham), Dr Adam Fulton (Harrogate), Mr S. Grain (Old Basford), Mr W. Holmes (Old Basford), Mr Allen Lovell (Leicester), Mr Douglas Main (Glasgow), Mr R. Mallett (Nottingham), Mr S. Morrison (Hucknall), Mr A. Newell (Old Basford), Mr A. Robinson (Lutterworth), Mr Herbert Sands (Nottingham), Mr R. A. Shipstone (Nottingham), Mr R. B. Spencer (Nottingham), Mr Edward Stibbe (Leicester), Dr R. H. Vartan (Hucknall), and Mr W. Wallace (London). Representing Mansfield Road Baptist Church were Messrs A. M. Edward (secretary), T. Cave (treasurer), W. H. Webster, Rev. T. Adamson, T. S. Adamson, W. Goodliffe, W. T. Westby, A. H. Cullen, A. Walters, W. W. Wood and Mrs A. W. Staveley. Mr H. R. Lindley represented Nottingham and Notts County Boy Scouts’ Association, Mr W. O. Burrows (Nottingham Chamber of Commerce), Mr E. B. Hancock (Shepshed Lace Co.), Mr Frank Bradwell (also representing Lieut.-Col. H. Bradwell), Mr C. G. Tuthill (Mansfield Conservative Association), Mr D. W. Harrison (L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Mr J. E. Widall (representing Mr F. M. Geeson, passenger and parcel agent, L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Lieut.-Col.  A. A. Walton, Principal H. A. S. Wortley (University College), Dr and Mrs T. L. T. Knox, Dr and Mrs Lakin (representing Mr and Mrs J. Beales), Mr E. Bignall (chairman) and Mr S. E. Ward (director) of J. B. Lewis and Sons, Ltd. Rev. J. Lowndes, Old Basford, Mr O. L. Bell (Westminster Bank), Mr S. Blythen, Mr and Mrs R. Hunterburom, Mr A. C. P. Hughes (Nottingham Y.M.C.A.), Mr H. Morley (Hucknall), Mr J. Hinchliffe (Hucknall), Captain L. L. Cooper, Miss Hope Cooper, Miss Anthea Cooper, Miss Ethel M. Smith (Nuthall), Mr E. A. Silverberg, Mr G. F. Godson, Messrs H. Bingham, T. Turner, F. G. Peach, C. H. Turner (Bradford), J. J. Spencer, H. W. Saunderson, W. G. Jacobson, E. J. Icke, J. F. Young, A. E. Short, Eric Potter, A. F. Roberts, S. W. D. Roberts, F. E. Bruckshaw (Leicester), G. Hind, Mr and Mrs F. G. Cox, Mr A. A. Aitken (representing Alex A. Aitken Ltd, and also the Egyptian Spinners Ltd, Bury), Mr A. A. Haley (Wakefield), Mr E. J. Allsop (Dobson and Allsop Ltd, Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mr J. Murray (Murray Bros and Co. Ltd, Bulwell), Mr A. H. Perkins and Mr A. E. Hudspeth (representing Holland and Webb Ltd), Mr F. L. Gell (G. Hopewell and Son Ltd). In addition there were representatives of the staffs and workpeople of the Old Basford, Hucknall and Lutterworth factories of George Spencer and Co. Ltd, and of W. E. Saxby Ltd, as well as Messrs H. Gulson, J. Gulson and W. Gulson of Blidworth Dale and Mr George Nicholson (Arkholme).

12 June 1951: M. R. Cox, soprano, and M. Cox, contralto, The Alexandra Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Ernest John Cox, 81 Southwell Road, Wisbech; and against W. A. Cox, Polhilsea House, Callington, confectioner; and against Mr W. H. Cox, High Street, Lower Brailes, grocer

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Hylda May Cox wife of Charles Cox, 11 Hurle Crescent, Clifton, Bristol, in favour of Mason & Wood Ltd

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: R. H. Cox, J.P.

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: K. R. Cox, 27 Westbrooke Avenue, Hartlepool Tel.: 5207

c1990: Colin & Sheila Cox, 6 Stratton Avenue, Wallington; “Red Ridges”. 7  Stagbury Avenue, Chipstead

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Nickie Cox