Clegg [031205]

29 January 1904: The Slough Institute: The annual meeting of the members of the Leopold Institute in the Masonic Hall: Mr Charles Godfrey presided: present Messrs H. J. Daw, J. Andrews, G. Hibberd, W. W. Cooper, J. Clegg, W. Curr, T. Willmott, I. A. Howell, H. B. Dyke and G. Young (secretary). Mr W. H. Grenfell, M.P., was re-elected vice-president.

1923: Alder House Old Girls’ Society: The Old Girls’ Social. ‘The Old Girls’ Social was held at Alder House on October 12th. It was delightful to be back in the old school again, and everyone made the most of those few hours in the familiar surroundings. The first few minutes were full of surprises as first one old friend then another came into the room greeted by shouts of welcome and calls to join their special chums, only five minutes later to be called away from their group to join another. Before tea, Miss Burns, Miss Gorsuch, and Miss Comstive acted “Mechanical Jane”, and we laughed from beginning to end first at Miss Burns and Miss Gorsuch, then at the queer unexpected antics of “Mechanical Jane”. Tea was served in the old Transition and First Form rooms, and as we ate the delicious wobbly jelly, blanc mange, trifle, and fresh fruit, we made up for as much of the chatting as we had missed as it was possible to do in that short time. After tea we danced, recited, and played games, ending our merry evening by dancing “Sir Roger de Coverley”. We missed the old mistresses a little, especially Miss Harden, but Miss Clegg and Miss Maddox came as we were having tea, and we had too merry a time for any regrets. Freda Redman.’

‘Miss Clegg has gone back to her old school, St Mary’s Road School in Newton Heath. She says: “It is a large school and we have over 500 children. I teach the girls in the upper standards. We have been great enthusiasts for games this last term, and finally the efforts of the girls were crowned with many successes in our sports.”‘

January 1927: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: J. Clegg, 3 Egypt Street, Liverpool

July 1930: Report of the Joint Meeting of the O.Y.S.A. and M.O.S.A. held in the Dining Block, Cocoa Works, York, on Whit Monday evening, June 9th 1930. Arthur Rowntree presided, and the proceedings opened with the singing of Alma Mater, after which many telegrams and cablegrams from Old Scholars in different parts of the world were read by Miss E. L. Ramsay, of the M.O.S.A., and E. C. Bewley, of the O.Y.S.A. These included the following: – From Cambridge: “Cork and water averse is to pubs, But at Cambridge, believe us, the Cubs, Though absent from Whit, Are here in spirit, And will toast you in tankards like tubs.” Baker, Clegg, Burns, Rowntree, Rowntree, Naish, Kerkham, Moon, Rymer, Bradley, Broad, Wilmers, Hoyland, Gibbins, Black.

4 October 1963: Peter Clegg, ballet master, Covent Garden Opera Ballet