Clarke [03120118]

19 December 1528: Ordinations at Lichfield cathedral: Priests Secular: Roger Clarke, by title of Merevale monastery.

Michaelmas 1558: [Michaelmas 5 & 6 Philip & Mary 1558 m. 17 Bastard:] Norwich. Augustine Peers & Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Walter Growte of Fakenham in county Norfolk intestate otherwise called Augustine Peers and Elizabeth his wife late relict of Walter Growte v. John Miller of Cley by the Sea in county Norfolk marchant, Debt £7; Robert Clarke of Great Jernemutha in county Norfolk marchant, Debt £6. Defendants have not come; sicut prius ordered to be taken; not found; sicut pluries to be taken for the morrow of Martinmas. [12 November 1558]

[Michaelmas 5 & 6 Philip & Mary 1558 m. 17d Bastard:] Norwich. Augustine Pers & Elizabeth his wife administrators of Walter Growte of Fakenham in county Norfolk yoman intestate otherwise called Augustine Pers & Elizabeth his wife late relict of Walter Growte v. Robert Clarke of Southelmham St James in county Suffolk yoman, John Clarke of Cratefeld in county Suffolk yoman otherwise called John Clarke of Cratefeld in the said county of Suffolk yoman, Debt £60. Defendants have not come; sicut prius to be taken; not found; sicut pluries to be taken, for morrow of Martinmas

12 November 1558 [Michaelmas 5 & 6 Philip & Mary 1558 m. 226 Grendon] Morrow of Martinmas. Norwich. Augustine Peers & Elizabeth h w administrators of Walter Growte of Fakenham in the said county of Norfolk yoman intestate otherwise called Augustine Peers & Elizabeth h w late relict of Walter Growte (by John Gibbis) v. Robert Clarke of Southelmham St James in county Suffolk yoman, John Clarke of Cratefeld in county Suffolk yoman otherwise called John Clarke of Cratefeld in the said county of Suffolk yoman, Debt £60 each. Defendants have not come, sicut pluries had been ordered to be taken; not found; to be exacted, for three weeks from Easter [16 April 1559]. Writ to Henry Attemere deputy sheriff of Norwich. Writ to William Whetcroft deputy sheriff of Suffolk.

Michaelmas 1558: City of Coventry. Thomas Clerke otherwise called Thomas Clarke of the cyte of Coventre mercr v. Margaret Sanders late of Warwick in county Warwick widow executrix of the testament of John Sanders otherwise called John Saunders of Warwicke chapman. Debt £40. Defendant has not come; had been ordered to be summoned; has nothing; to be taken, for a month from Michaelmas [27 October 1558]; On which day Thomas comes. Defendant has not come; had been ordered to be taken; not found; sicut prius to be taken, for quindene of Martinmas [25 November 1558]; On which day Thomas comes. Defendant has not come; sicut prius had been ordered to be taken; not found; sicut pluries to be taken, for octaves of Hilary [20 January 1559].

13 May 1664: John Norbury [marks] and Anthony Brooke [marks] of Over Alderley in the county of Chester agreecoll’ to Ralph Plant and Edward Radicth of Ouer Alderley aforesaid yeomen overseers of the poor in the same township: bond in £40: where as one Richard Higinbothom with his wife children and family is come to Inhabite with in the Township of Our Aldrley wheereby in pcesse of time they may become chargeablen to the said Towneshipp  If therefore thaboue bounden John Norbury  Anthony Brooke or either of them their or either of their heires executors or admirs doe from tyme to tyme and all tymes hereafter well and truly discharge save & keepe harmelesse the said Raphe Plant & Edward Redich & either of them. Witnesses: James Jackson sener [marks], Rafe Plant Juner [marks], John Clarke seneer [marks], John Adshead [signs]

2 June 1716: John Dauenport [marks] of Mottram Andrew in the county of Chester agricola and Edmund Dauenport [marks] of Woodford in the county aforesaid agricola; to Richard Faukner and Daniel Clarke of sup Aldrley in the said county overseers of the poor; bond in £60

‘whereas Martha Downes singlewoman hath of late, before one of the Kinges Maties: Justices of the Peace and Qoru’: taken her Corporall Oath that she is with Childe with a bastard Childe and that the aboue Bounden John Davenport is the Only Father thereof: And whereas the above Bounden John Davenport and Edmund Davenport hath agreed and Couenanted by these prsents to pay unto the said Richard Faukner and Daniell Clarke or to their successors for and towards the Keeping Educatinge bringinge up and maintaineinge the said Bastard the su’me of Twentie shillinges a year of Good and Lawfull Money of Great Brittaine for Twelue yeares togather Commenceing from the time and Day of the Birth of the said Childe Quarterley at four payments in Each year od the said Terme’ Witnesses: H Mottram [signs], Ephraim Leigh [signs]

endorsed: ‘September the 16th: 1716: That the within Named Martha Downes was Deliurd: of a bastard Child and the same day John Dauenport paid to me for the Use of the sd Martha Downes the within Menc’oned Su’me of Twentie shillinges     Daniell Clarke Ourseer of ye poor’; ‘March the 2th. 1719/20 all the Quarterly paymtts. by the Contents of the within written Condic’on of the sd oblig’con pd and Discharged ye Day of the Date hereof     Danll Clarke Ourseer’; ‘December the 2th: 1720   all the Quarterly paymtts by the Contents of the within written Condic’on of ye sd. oblagac’on pd and Discharged to ye Date hereof    Danl. Clarke ourseer’; ‘March ye 15: 1722/3   All the Quarterly paymtts. by the Contents of the within Writen Condicion of the sd oblagacon pd & DisCharged to the Date hereof   Humphrey Byron Ourseer’; ‘March ye 25th 1729   all ye quarterly paymtts. by the Contents of this Bond pd and Discharged to ye day of ye date hereof       Danl. Clarke ourseer’

26 March 1718 and 26 March 1719: Daniel Clarke, overseer

8 December 1724: Nathaniel Bullen [marks] of Mottram Andrew in the county of Chester yeoman, to Philip Dicken and Daniel Clarke of Alderley Sup: in the said county overseers of the poor: bond in £100

Whereas One Phebe Bullen by her own voluntary Confession hath Confessed that she is Now With Child (of a bastard Child Now pregnant)

Witnesses: William Hall [signs], Sarah Warburton [signs]

7 April 1772 + Medical bill from Dr Howard to the overseers of Over Alderley: [receipted 9 March 1774]

7 April 1772: A Vomit for Mary Clarke 0.0.4; Two Purges 0.0.8;             Restorative Powders 0.2.0. 21 July 1772: a desiccative Lotion  Mary Clarke  0.2.9; Two Purges 0.0.6; Alterative Drops 0.1.0. 29 July 1772: The Mixture repd. 0.2.3. Augt. 7  do 0.2.3; White Ointment  0.0.6. 22d. The Mixture  My Clarke 0.2.3 A Care Cloth 0.0.8 28. a Mercurial Ointment 0.0.9 Sepr 5        Cerate  0.0.8 a Box of Liniment  0.0.6. Octr 11. A Vomit  My Clarke 0.0.6     Anodine Drops  0.0.9 An Armed Clyster Pipe  0.0.6 12  A Visit  0.4.0 13      A Purge  0.0.4 31  A Vomit  Thos Clarke  0.0.4 Decr 5  Cerate   0.0.8             A Box of Liniment  0.0.8 Restorative Drops  0.1.6 March 27  [1773]  a Mercl. Ointment  0.0.8 Apl 24 White Ointment  0.0.8 A Specific Lotion  0.1.6 26   A Visit  0.4.0 May 5 Salve  My Clarke  0.1.4 Two Purges  0.1.0 18  A Visit to Clarkes  0.4.0 22  Salve  0.1.4 29  Salve  0.1.4 [June] 12   Salve  My Clarke  0.1.0 19  Salve  0.1.3 27   A Visit &c  0.4.0 29  Aperient Pills  0.3.0 A Specific Ointment  0.2.0 July 20  The Ointment  0.2.0 Augt. 7 A Visit to Clarkes Son  0.4.0 an Embrocation for Contusion  0.0.9              Salve  0.0.6 Cordial Drops  0.0.6

14 May 1799: Bond by Joseph Massey [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, check manufacturer, John Hodkinson [signs] of Macclesfield innholder and Samuel Pott [signs] of Macclesfield yeoman, to Peter Wright gentleman clerk of the court of the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £16: for Massey to appear at the next court, to prosecute Thomas Clarke for detaining a mare. Witnesses: Samuel Buckley [signs] and Maurice Jones [signs]

7 April 52 George III [1812]: Subpoena to Samuel Brentnall and Randle Clarke to appear at the Quarter Sessions to be held at Chester castle 14 April 1812 in The Inhabitants of the Township of Great Warford v. The Inhabitants of the Township of Nether Alderley. John Stephens [signs] Clerk of the Peace for the County of Chester. [endorsed:] Randle Clarke Subpenea about his settlement.

14 January 1832: Commitments – To the House of Correction – By R. Clarke and J. Yorke esquires, George Goodwin, for two months, to hard labour, in default of the payment of a fine and costs, amounting to £3, for stealing part of a fence, the property of the Right Honorable the earl of Westmorland.

8 September 1848: Barbados: Passengers arrived per Clyde, Sir William Colebrooke, and servant; Mr and Mrs Marrett, Mr Alleyno, and Major Clarke, for Barbados, and about 38 other Colonies. Passengers arrived per Thomas Trowbridge — Mr and Mrs Smalley, Miss Clarke and Mr Gardner.

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Stroud: Thomas Clarke. Campden Polling District: Parish of Welford: Abode: Stratford-on-Avon: Thomas Clarke. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: 1 Townsend Street, Cheltenham: Thomas Clarke; Abode: Union Street, Cheltenham: George Clarke (duplicate); Abode: Regent Street, Cheltenham: Daniel Clarke; Abode: High Street, Cheltenham: Richard Clarke.

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Alfred Clarke, Wellington Street; James Clarke, Littleworth. Occupiers of houses in Holy Trinity parish: Stephen Eratus Clarke, for a house in Westgate Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Mary de Lode and College Precincts: Joseph Clarke, for a house in College Green. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Michael: Alfred Clarke, for a house in Clarence Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Nicholas: Charles Clarke, for a house 99 Westgate Street; George Clarke, for a house in Island.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of James Clarke, [Reg. No:] 1928, 18th Foot; [born:] Wicklow; [trade] labourer; [age] 24⅔; [size:] 5[ft] 8¼[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 10 March 1879 [at] Dublin; [marks & remarks:] off furlough

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by Robert Holt, Dunham Massey, Bowdon, Cheshire, market gardener and provision dealer, in favour of James Clarke

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Richard Perry Clarke, 93 Wellington Road, Bridgwater, painter &c., in favour of Michael Zeffertt

18 August 1880: Deaths: August 12, at 8 Wilson Street, Portland Square, Elizabeth Joggett only daughter of the late John Clarke, of Taunton.

28 August 1891: For sale: Pure bred pedigree Persian kittens, smoke blue, 30/-, 35/-; lovely blue male, 63/-; light chinchilla 21/-; tabby, 21/- Clarke, Stainsby, Horncastle

Corsets – Home Work – To every lady who values her appearance, Mrs Clarke invites special attention to her adjustable binder belt, which she has supplied for 11 years through the medium of The Bazaar; recommended by London and country physicians, invaluable for riding, improves, supports, and strengthens the figure, indispensable before and after accouchement, size round hips required,. Price 2/6; very superior, 3/6; dove colour, 4/-; free. Testimonials for 11 years. 63 St John’s Hill, London, S.W.

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Mersey. Alex, cutter, 5 tons, Mr J. A. Elgood, is still at New Brighton; she was under way for the week, and was up at Eastham on Sunday afternoon, as also was Chance, cutter, 3 tons, Mr R. E. Bickerton, and Ripple, cutter, 4 tons, Messrs Clarke, who had been for a cruise to Hilbre, as also had Seagull, cutter, 10 tons, Mr F. W. Walmsley, who had a rather incomplete race with Playmate, Hilbre Island Club, in which the latter had rather the best of the argument.

The New Thames Yacht Club. Saturday morning, June 9th, promised badly for yacht-racing, as there was scarcely any wind, and a good deal of rain fell until after 8 o’clock, when it practically ceased. All day long, however, the sky was dull and threatening, whilst throughout the race, which lasted over 8 hours, there was never a really good sailing breeze, and yet in spite of all this and wretched entries the day was full of interest. The only two competitors were Britannia and Satanita, but as the latter had been altered and her sail area had been increased, she was expected by her designer to be faster and to steer better. … The club steamer Oriole was well patronised, and amongst those on board was the Duke of the Abouzzi, the nephew of the King of Italy, who being a naval man took great interest in the day’s sailing. The Commodore of the club, Mr Robert Hewitt, Mr Arcoll and Mr Hansley were the officers of the day, The race was a match for yachts of any rig exceeding 15-rating, Course from Southend to Harwich, leaving the Swin Middle lightship on the starboard hand, all the marks on the Maplins and the Gunfleet, the West Rocks and Cork Sands buoys and the Cork lightship on the port hand, finishing, between the Committee vessel and the inner buoy of the north-west ridge. Time allowance for 50 miles. To be sailed in cruising trim. Y.R.A. rules. Entries: – Britannia, 151, H.R.H. Prince of Wales; Satanita, 171, Mr A. D. Clarke. …

Royal Harwich Yacht Club. There were only two matches on the card at Harwich Regatta on Monday, but a finer racing display could not possibly be witnessed than the battles between Carina and Vendetta. … Match open to all yachts exceeding a rating of 40. Entries were:- Satanita, cutter, 171-rater, Mr A. D. Clarke; Britannia, cutter, 152-rater, the Prince of Wales. … June 12th. There was some interesting and keen racing on Tuesday in the open water outside Harwich, and a fine sailing breeze prevailed throughout the day. Rain squalls kept rising, but the weather was exceedingly pleasant during the intermittent bursts of sunshine. … Match open to all yachts exceeding a rating of 40. Course, from Harwich Harbour, round the Shipwash and the Sunk lightships, and back round the Cork lightship to the committee vessel in habour. Yacht Racing Association time allowance for a 37-knot course. Entries:- Satanita, 171-rating, Mr A. D. Clarke; Britanniam 152-rating, the Prince of Wales. Satanita to allow Britannia 1m. 53s. … Satanista came on with a protest ensign flying, and an objection against Britannia was subsequently lodged, on the ground that Britannia had fouled Satanista in running out to the Bell buoy. The committee having heard the evidence decided that Satanista‘s objection was sustained and disqualified Britannia.

29 January 1904: ‘The Annual Meeting of the Windsor and Eton Royal Albert Institute was held in the large hall on Monday evening [25 January 1904], when there were present: Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill (the president), in the chair, Lady Edward Spencer-Churchill and a number of other ladies, the Dean of Windsor (Dr Eliot), the Vicar of Windsor (Rev. J. H. Ellison), Rev. S. K. Tahourdin, Rev. Albert Lee, Sir Evan Nepean, Messrs T. Clarke (hon. sec.), E. H. Freaker (hon. finance secretary), E. H. Lewis (secretary), W. Fairbank, C. F. Dyson, J. W. Gooch, A. H. Cowley, G. P. Cartland, Purser, H. L. Collmann, A. Bond, E. Bampfylde, R. Wood, R. Ingalton Drake, E. Rowland, A. G. Seymour, T. J. Cartland, D. Cooper, F. Sanders, Goertz, Hayward, Akery, Kempton, R. Brodie, Hester, Holderness (3), R. G. Knight, E. Fuggle, G. Miles, Chadwell, Stilliard, Harrison, Aldridge, Clapshaw, Stilliard, Harrison, Aldridge, Clapshaw, J. E. Gale, Moses, Baker, Stoneham, Brodie, jun., W. Bressey, A. H. Dyson, E. K. Willett, Chapman, Atkins, etc.’ … The annual report of the committee was read by Mr T. Clarke … ‘It will be the duty of this meeting to elect a president in the place of Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill, whose second term of office has expired, and for which position the Very Rev. the Dean of Windsor has been nominated. Vice-presidents whose term of office has expired: Mr F. B. Buckland, J.P., Sir F. T. Barry, Bart., M.P., Rev. J. J. Hornby, D.D., his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. E. Warre, D.D., Rev. W. G. Edwards, M.A., Mr T. Clarke, Mr J. Treherne Dobson, Mr E. H. Freaker, Mr J. L. Hollis, J.P., Mr T. G. Dyson, the Right Rev. Bishop Barry, D.D., D.C.L., Mr W. Fairbank, J.P., and Mr A. H. S. Cowley. The following new vice-presidents have been nominated: Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill, Lady Spencer-Churchill, and Mr A. Y. Nutt, M.V.O.’ … … ‘It is also required to elect: Two auditors for the ensuing twelve months, for which office Messrs A. Scott and A. Stevenson have been nominated; a gentleman to serve as hon. treasurer, for which position Mr Alderman T. Clarke has been nominated; and ten gentlemen to serve on the Committee for two years and two for one year. The retiring members of the Committee are: Messrs G. P. Cartland, H. L. Collmann, A. H. S. Cowley, R. Ingalton Drake, C. F. Dyson, J. G. Everett, J. W. Gooch, J. F. Pemberton and A. Y. Nutt; with the exception of the last two they offer themselves for re-electuion, have been nominated, and are eligible. The new nominations are Mr F. Akery, Mr K. D. Brodie, Sir Evan Nepean and Dr. J. Scott.’

‘Windsor Races. Considering that on Sunday night only one horse had arrived at Windsor, fields on Monday panned out exceptionally well. Indeed, in four of the items down for decision, runners were plentiful enough, with the principal event, the Rays Handicap Hurdle Race, attracted fourteen to the post. An inspection of the course at an early hour revealed the fact that the going was in capital order, and there were never any fear the frost would interfere with sport. The Bucks Maiden Hurdle Race was won by Mr H. C. Johnson’s Reservist, the Tower Steeplechase by Mr F. Bishop’s Lyndon Green, the Rays Hurdle Handicap by Mr J. G. Clarke‘s Mark Time, the Monday Maiden Hurdle Race by Mr J. Barnett’s Much Too Early, the Long Walk Steeplechase by Captain C. Gore-Langton’s Squint II., and the Paddock Steeplechase by Mr J. F. Hallick’s Foxhill. The frost having completely given way, the going for the concluding stage of the meeting on Tuesday proved somewhat holding. The light was considerably better than on the first day, as was also the attendance, but racing can hardly be said to have reached the standard usually witnessed at this enclosure, only thirty-three horses taking part in the half-dozen events down for decision. The Tuesday Hurdle Handicap was won by Mr. F. Cobb’s Chiselhamton, the Athens Steeplechase by Mr J. E. Hallick’s Foxhill, the Dorney Steeplechase by Mr H. R. Randall’s Red Hand, the Borough Steeplechase by Mr A. Hamblin’s Perdicus, the Slough Hurdle Handicap by Mr A. Jones’s Jack McCormick, and the Coveney Steeplechase by Mr A. Gorham’s Little Sister II.’

‘Eton Fire Brigade. The annual meeting of the Eton Fire Brigade was held on Friday evening at the Bridge House Hotel, when the majority of the members were present, together with Mr Ingalton Drake and Mr Cecil Howlett, members of the Eton Urban District Council. On the proposition of Mr Hasted, seconded by Mr Westoby, Mr Howlett was voted to the chair. The minutes of the last annual meeting having been past the following report was read by the Hon. Secretary (Mr W. G. Clarke):- “Gentlemen, I have pleasure in presenting my report for the past year:- Fires.- Called by telephone to the premises occupied by Messrs Butler and Bowden, drapers and general stores, High Street, Slough, comprising six shops and premises adjoining, on Thursday 1 January 1903. Call received at 4.30 p.m.; cause, ignition of goods in shop window of the drapery department by assistant in lighting up; contents and buildings insured in the Atlas Fire Office; damage, the entire block of buildings destroyed; estimated damage, about £18,000; manual engine and eighteen members present. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Baldwin’s End, Eton College, in the occupation of Mr R. S. Kindersley, being a dwelling-house and cottage adjoining, on Monday 1 June. Time of call, 4.5 a.m., premises alight from end to end; approximate time of outbreak 3.55 a.m.; cause, unknown; contents insured in Guardian Office, building insured in the County Fire Office; lives, first body discovered 4.45 a.m.; second body 6 a.m., life extinct; fire extinguished by hydrant supply, assisted by steamer from Windsor Fire Brigade and steamer from Slough Fire Brigade; members present, 14; damage, the entire building destroyed by fire, smoke and water; cottage adjoining slightly damaged by smoke. – Called by stranger to the premises occupied by Mr A. M. Goodhart, Eton College, on Sunday, 13 September; time of call, 2.30 p.m.; cause, over-heating of gas-stove in kitchen; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present 2, damage, stove by fire, kitchen by smoke and water. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Gulliver’s, Eton College, occupied by Mr J. M. Dyer, on Friday 27 November; time of call, 4.55 p.m.; cause, unknown; extinguished by firemen with buckets and hand=pump; members present, 2; damage, room first floor, curtains and painted work, general damage by water; estimated damage, £2. – Called by strangers to the premises known as 86 High Street, Eton, in the occupation of Mr J. Wilcox, dairyman and greengrocer, on 22 December. Time of call, 7.47 a.m.; cause, sparks from fire; contents insured in County Fire Office, building in Norwich Union; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 13; damage, kitchen on ground floor and contents severely damaged by fire, heat, smoke and water, rest of house slightly by smoke; estimated damage, £10. – Called from fire alarm box 52 to the premises occupied by Messrs Gane and Co., bootmakers, 125 High Street, Eton; cause, overheat of stove; insured contents, Norwich Union Fire Office; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 5; damage, about 4 ft super of flooring and mantelpiece, and cutting away by same in back room first floor, rest of contents in room slightly by smoke; estimated damage, about £3. … Competitons. – National Fire Brigades Union, South Midland District. Annual district competition drills held at Luton on 24 June; the Brigade was represented in several drills, Escape-Foreman Goddard and Fireman Bennett being awarded second prize in the two-men drill, in which 19 brigades competed. – The annual competition drills of the Brigade were held as usual on Fellow’s Eyot, Eton College (by kind permission of the Provost and Fellows), and, notwithstanding a very wet afternoon, were witnessed by many interested ratepayers. Escape-Foreman Goddard won the one-man championship of the Brigade in 52 seconds, Fireman G. Bennett being second in 52 2/5 seconds. 20 August – Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade annual drill competitions were held on 31 August at Preston Park. The Brigade was represented in the one-man, two-men, three-men and six-men drills. I regret that Fireman J. Webb suffered a severe action on this occasion, and unfortunately the Brigade was unsuccessful in every event. … I wish to tender my best thanks to Mr A. A, Somerville, chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee, and to Mr Councillor Howlett for his untiring energy in the interest of the Fire Brigade, and his special journey to Liverpool and Blackpool to inspect appliances there, accompanied by Escape-Foreman Goddard, to whom I offer my best thanks; also to Hon. Secretary W. G. Clark for the ready help given on all occasions. Votes of thanks – to the honorary officers of the Brigade, the Reverend J. Shepherd, Dr E. Hale, Mr J. E. Gale, Mr F. Goddard, Mr H. B. Brown, the best thanks of the active members are gratefully tenders … the Governing Body of Eton College per their Bursar, Mr H. C. Holloway-Calthrop, for the munificent gift of the steam fire-engine and part fire-alarm system and fire-escape for use by members of the Brigade … R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.” This report was agreed to on the proposition of Mr Plumridge, seconded by Mr Halliday senior. Mr Hetherington asked if the Gamewell system was fully installed, as he thought some members were still not on the system. … There was a contest for the Chief Officership. Mr Bennett proposed, and Mr Halliday seconded, the re-appointment of Mr Dugdale, while Mr Westoby proposed Mr F. E. Goddard, and this was seconded by Mr F. Husted. … Mr Bennett junior championed the cause of their former captain with considerable warmth … Mr Goddard [said] he had felt the unpleasantness of being deemed an undesirable member for holding the escape-foremanship on account of his living out of Eton, although he spent most of the day in the town … He objected to being stabbed in the back, and if any member had anything to say against him let it be said to his face. … Mr Hetherinton thought that as escape-foreman Mr Goddard was the right man in the right place … [Mr Dugdale was re-elected] … The other appointments were:- Foreman, Mr Hetherington; engineer, Mr W. W. B. Hill; escape-foreman, Mr F. E. Goddard; sub-engineer, Mr Bettridge; committee, Messrs Plumridge, Fountain, Goddard, Hill, and Bettridge, while the latter was asked to again take up the duties of canteen steward. … On the proposition of Mr Baker, seconded by Mr Hollyer, a vote of thanks was heartily accorded to Mr Ingalton Drake …’

December 1916: Parochial Societies: C.B.S. – Hon. Sec., Miss Clarke, Field Lane

April 1925: S.S.S. Social Club: ‘An enjoyable Social was held in the clubroom on Monday, March 23, under the genial chairmanship of Mr H. Clarke. The final round of the “Snooker” billiard handicap was played, resulting in Mr E. Howes winning the 1st prize, Mr H. Brooks 2nd, Mr E. Longson 3rd, Mr W. Jackson 4th. Mr G. Pollard presented the prizes. There was an excellent musical programme contributed to by Miss Dearden, Miss Ward and Mr George Langley; the chairman (Mr Clarke) recited and told “skits”, and Mr J. Nuttall officiated at the piano. Refreshments were served, and “Auld Lang Syne” terminated a pleasant evening.’

1 April 1931: at Nottingham Guildhall Fred Clarke, aged 19, and Charles Christopher (alias Roberts), aged 19, described as labourers of no fixed address, were charged with stealing a bottle containing a shillings worth of brandy, belonging to Harry W. Briers, of 236 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham, and of being in possession of house-breaking implements by night. Evidence was given by Detective Inspector Pentland, Detective Officer Rhodes and Detective Superintendent Doubleday;

Also at Nottingham Guildhall, before Mr R. G. Hogarth, Mabel Helen Clarke, aged 35, a domestic servant, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to three months imprisonment for stealing two handbags, a gold watch, a gold bangle, a gold ring, £4 cash, and other property from a cupboard in the kitchen of Mrs Lily Oakley, of 1 Hampden Street, Nottingham, who had previously employed her on occasion, and who was out at the time. The handbags were subsequently found in a brook at Melton Mowbray. Clarke had been living apart from her husband, and had been in previous trouble for theft. She passed the property to Wilson Josiah Castles, aged 36, bricklayer’s handyman, who had also been before the court previously for theft, and for leaving his wife and children chargeable. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment for receiving. Mrs Oakley collapsed during the trial and had to be carried out of the court. Evidence was given by Detective Officer Blakey and Policewoman Hilton of Boston, and by Detective Superintendent Doubleday

Urban council elections: Huthwaite: candidates: J. Davies, F. C. Sowter, A. Wilson, T. Goodall, J. Peters, D. D. Bonser, N. Betts, J. Iball, W. E. Hancock, W. Clarke, E. H. Lowe, H. A. Simpson, J. Potter, J. G. Wright, S. Allcock, A. Farnsworth, C. H. Coupe, W. B. Fidler, V. Henton, J. E. Towers, J. Slack, A. O. Tomlinson, A. Dicken, S. Speed, W. Parkin, F. Wilson, F. H. Leah, J. W. Gent, G. W. Dobb.

The report on the last meeting of the season of the Nottinghamshire Amateur and Professional Golfers’ Alliance held over the Chilwell Manor course mentions the following speakers and entertainers: Mr A. V. Campbell, Mr G. Smith, Mr A. Parker, Mr W. W. Campbell, Mr G. Skellington, Mr Thornton Clarke, Mr J. Baguley, Messrs Norton and Reavill, Mr Tom Williamson.

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: T. E. Clarke, 2 Wedderburn Road, Harrogate

15 July 1933: Junior Cricket: The Junior Central Schools’ Final. Clapham Central v Reay Central. The match was played in Dulwich Park on 15 July. [Scoreboard and description. Players: Clapham: Capron, Hatfield, Fiorini, Waymouth, Gilbert, Combes, Brown, Johnson, Peirce, McQuare, Hearndon. Reay: Lloyd, Clarke, Turner, Jones, Badger, Samson, Manger, Westby, Knapp, Siperius, Stevens]

July 1934: Annotated group photograph of the staff of Mundella Secondary School, Nottingham. Sitting: Misses Blagg, Howell, Lawrance, Miller; Messrs Wight, Winfield; Misses Jones, Morris, Wallis, Mosley. 2nd Row: Misses Plunkett, Barlow, Sainter, Trigg (school secretary); Messrs Heath, Cowdell, Chamberlain, Reid, Stace, Austin, Bird, Roberts, Adamson, 3rd Row: Messrs Thomas, Holbrook, Kendall, Broadburn, Thorpe, Page, Broomfield, Jackson, Clarke, Baynes-Smith, Hill, Storey.

Mundella Secondary School: Form Notes: I A. We shall be very sorry to say good-bye to our Senior Prefect, G. Clarke.

Swimming. The Swimming Sports were held in the Portland Baths, on Wednesday, July 11th, 1934. Boys (under 13) – 1 length Bread Stroke for Style. 1. Clarke (H); 2. Carlyle (Th); 3. Smeeton (Wk).

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Moss Empires: Bradford, Princes – Bernard Delfont, “The Student Prince”, Carole Lynne, Arthur Clarke, Claud Allister. (6.30. Mats, Thurs. and Sat., 2.30).

December 1945: Candidates for family membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: Mr and Mrs S. J. Clarke, Tower Flat, Millfield Terrace, Sleaford

30 June 1951: Marriage, in Winchester Cathedral, by the dean of Winchester, assisted by the Reverend H. G. M. Clarke, rector of Holy Trinity, Marylebone, captain John Rodney Reay Holmes, Rifle Brigade, son of the late Group Captain, A. J. Holmes, A.F.C., and Mrs Holmes, of Barklye Wood, Heathfield, Sussex, to Susan Elizabeth Trethewy Lambert, daughter of the late H. F. Lambert, M.C., The Royal Hampshire Regiment, and Mrs O. C. Downes, of Harestock House, Winchester

7 July 1951: Bowls: Andover v. Winchester, at Andover. Rink 1: Andover: W. Easson, A. Clarke, A. Phillips and V. W. Bull (skip) – 14. Winchester: W. Tuffnell, A. Henwood, S. B. Harris and W. Jarvis (skip) – 32. Rink 2: Andover: J. Hunter, J. Cowley, J. Blake and A. Mitchell (skip) – 24. Winchester: H. Chivers, A. Reynolds, L. M. Carter and J. Welhams (skip) – 10. Rink 3: Andover: P. Eastman, J. Chubb, L. Marles and L. Horne (skip) – 22. Winchester: C. Bills, P. Hall, A. V. Kotch and J. Jenvey (skip) – 8. Rink 4: Andover: S. Gilham, T. Rumbold, R. Hawthorne and J. Simpson (skip) – 30. Winchester: D. Colliss, W. Snelson, A. Stanbrook and J. Carter (skip) – 13. Totals, Andover 90, Winchester 63

15 April 1953: County court judgments against James Gould Clarke and Violet his wife, Nightingale Lodge, Totnes Road, Paignton; and against Mrs E. M. Clarke, 574 Hawthorne Road, Bootle, chandler; and against Mrs Clarke, 275 Corporation Road, Newport; and against Thomas G. Clarke, 56 William Street, Trethomas, Monmouthshire, collier; and against Mr C. F. Clarke, c/o 1 Trinity Street, Peterborough.

8 August 1955: Postcard to Mrs Clarke, 43 Braintree Rd., Witham, Essex: ‘This is the view from the double room I am enjoying. Hope all is well with you. Should like to hear from you sometime. It is very breezy. “The Concert Party Yours Sincerely” was amusing. From lonley Phyllis Wiltsher’

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: H. W. Clarke, James Clarke, Malcolm J. S. Clarke, Norman J. Clarke, Robert Sandifer Clarke, T. Clarke, W. H. Clarke, W. K. Clarke

6 November 1968: Allan Clarke pictured, in a group photograph of Leicester City Football Club; also letter from Sylvia Clarke, 148 Barlby Road, North Kensington, re Bobby Charlton

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: N. Clarke, 30 The Oval, Hartlepool Tel.: 4474; Leslie J. Clarke, 17 Meadow Drive, West Park, Hartlepool Tel.: 2290

c1990: W. F. Clarke [Freddie & June], 29 Wealdway, Reigate RH2 7RG; Dorothy Clarke, 66 Foresters Drive, Wallington SM6 9JY                      [Birthday list:] Dorothy Clarke 13 November

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: June Clarke, Yaffa Clarke