Chesterfield Road, Sheffield

Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, 1892

September 1921: Advertisement: Why Suffer Pain and Agony? when by using ‘Oswald’s Golden Corn Cure,’ P.J.F. 9602. You can get rid of those troublesome corns in a few days time, and make walking a pleasure again. This corn cure succeeds where plasters and caustics fail. Price 9d per bottle. Sole proprietor – J. S. Oswald, 67 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield. Telephone 2870

Advertisement: M. Creswick, 61 Chesterfield Road: smart millinery in the latest styles. Blouse Specialist. Orders promptly attended to.

Advertisement: The Meersbrook Framing Company, P. Coombes, proprietor. Picture framers, mount cutters and gilders, 277 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield. Dealers in oak, gilt and fancy mouldings. Glass cut to size. Mounts cut to any design

Advertisement: Thos. W. Eyre, 285 & 287 Chesterfield Road, Meersbrook Bank, Sheffield

Advertisement: J. W. Stacey, dental surgery, 211 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield

Advertisement: W. Broadhead, family butcher, 72 Derbyshire Lane and 85 Chesterfield Road