Centenary Hall, Stockport

Centenary Hall, Stockport, 1917

April 1925: Junior Department “A”: ‘On Saturday, March 14, we had our Scholars’ Tea Party. Tea was prepared by the teachers, and served in the tea room, and what a sumptuous feast it was (beef sandwiches and jellies being an extra brought by the teachers). After tea we all went into the Primary Room, where we sang songs of all kinds until we had sufficiently recovered from the glorious effects of our heavy tea. Then came the time for games; nearly every game one could think of was indulged in, and what a rollicking good time we all had. We were all feeling hot and merry, when a kind invitation came from Mr Brown to go into the Centenary Hall to see the operetta “Aladdin and Out”. Needless to say, we didn’t need asking twice. Our boys and girls really had the time of their lives, and the interval arrived all too soon, when we retired to our Classroom, and once more feasted ourselves with oranges and sweets, kindly given by two of our teachers. Thus our happy time came to an end, and one would imagine that each child went home feeling really happy, and thankful for having had such a good time. We thank all teachers and friends who helped to make this party such a complete success.’