Cautley [030121]

3 January 1928: At the Southampton General Quarter Sessions before Sir Henry Strother Cautley, Bart, K.C., M.P., chairman, the Right Hon. Sir Arthur Greer, deputy chairman, and other justices, holden at the County Hall, Lewes: sir Edward Boyle, bart, Ockham, Salehurst, Sussex, high sheriff; Arthur W. Farndell, esquire, 87 High Street, Lewes and 24 Bedford Row, London W.C.1, under sheriff; Walter Charles Stephenson Chapman, esquire, 24 Bedford Row, London W.C.1, deputy sheriff; Hugh T. McIlveen, esq., County Hall, Lewes, clerk of the peace; E. Winter, governor, His Majesty’s Prison, Portsmouth. Prisoner: John King Avery, aged 42, gardener. Previous conviction: 1 month, Hastings Borough, 23 December 1901 (housebreaking and larceny), as Arthur Avery. Committed from Bexhill, 18 November 1927. Received in prison: 7 November 1927 (on remand). Offence: In the night of 3 November 1927, at Bexhill, committing burglary in the dwelling house of Florence Kelsey and stealing therein one £5 note, ten £1 Treasury notes and other money of her property. Tried before Sir H. S. Cautley, bart, K.C., M.P., 3 January 1928. Plea Guilty. Sentence: 6 months hard labour. Prisoner: Frederick William Jackson, aged 40, fitter. Previous convictions: Bound over, County London Sessions, 20 December 1910 (shop breaking, &c.) as Frederick William Cook; 6 months, Northampton Quarter Sessions, 6 January 1911 (burglary) as Frederick William Cook; 3 months, Great Yarmouth Petty Sessions, 8 December 1911 (stealing bicycle) as Frederick George Cooksby; bound over, Wealdstone Petty Sessions, 30 December 1924 (found on enclosed premises) as Frederick William Cook. Committed from Bexhill, 9 December 1927. Received in prison 3 December 1927 (on remand). Offence: [as John King Avery, above]. Tried before Sir H. S. Cautley, bart, K.C., M.P., 3 January 1928. Plea Guilty. Sentence: 9 months hard labour.