Calshot Castle, Hampshire [b030112]

in the ancient parish of Furley

Calshot Castle, 1612

Calshot Castle, 1793

Calshot Castle, 1895

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Luna, 20-rater, Mr F. B. Jameson, came into harbour on the 7th inst., and moored in the river. Messrs Hansens did slight repairs, &c., to her, and she left the harbour on the 9th. Thelma, 20-rater, Mr A. Barclay Walker, was hauled up at Hansens’ Minerva slip early last week, Her lead keel was slightly reduced and the yacht was launched in time for the Royal Albert Yacht Club race on the 6th. This was her first race and she won, beating Dragon, Luna, Inyoni, Asphodel, and Deirdré. Thelma was not so fortunate the next day at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club races, having lost several minutes through being over the line at gunfire, and on Monday, the 11th, at the Calshot Castle races, she carried away her bobstay plate, which put her out of the race.

Red Lancer, 5-rater, lately purchased by Captain John Orr-Ewing, arrived here on Saturday, and sailed in the race at Calshot on the 11th.