Burrows [02211818]

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Campden Polling District: Parish of Willersey: Abode: Willersey: Benjamin Burrows. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Boddington: Abode: Boddington: Joseph Burrows. Parish of Charlton Kings: Abode: Charlton Kings: John Burrows, William Burrows, James Burrows and Richard Burrows.

31 July 1914: Inquest after the death of William Richard Burrows, aged 33, blacksmith, of Greenwith, Perranwell, killed in a bicycle accident. Witnesses were William Pengelley (riding with him intending to go to Falmouth to hear the Besses o’ th’ Barn band) and Dr Edwards of Devoran. The funeral was at Devoran church: the principal mourners were Mrs S. R. Burrows (wife), Mr S. Burrows (grandfather), Mr H. Pinnick (nephew), Mr B. Courtis, Mr F. Mitchell (brother-in-law), Mrs F. Mitchell (sister-in-law), Messrs W. Geach, R. Wasley, L. Burrows, B. Wasley, S. Osborn, Mr and Mrs W. Bray and Mrs B. Pengelley (cousins); Miss Pinnick (niece), Mr and Mrs E. George, Messrs William Pengelley, R. Richards, J. May and S. Perkins

Falmouth Visitors List: Lamorna, Cliff Road: Miss Buller, Miss Alder, Bromley; Mr and Mrs Burrows, Dublin; Mr Buckeridge, Peckham

12 October 1924: Parents to be addressed by the Reverend T. Langford Burrows

1 April 1931: Rural council elections: Clowne: Clowne: candidates: J. Booth, P. Marshall, W. Woods, W. H. Gregory, W. Cawkwell, G. Scarboro, E. Brown, A. Calow, G. Windle, G. Redford, C. Burrows.

July 1935. Examination Successes: Music: Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music. Piano. Grade IV. Lower Division: Anne Burrows (Hon. Mention)

17 May 1938: Mr Arthur Bedward Spencer of Blidworth Dale, managing director of the firm of George Spencer, Ltd, Vedonia hosiery works, Basford, and also managing director of the subsidiary firm of W. E. Saxby, Ltd, bleachers and dyers, of Bar Lane, Basford, who died in a Nottingham nursing home on Thursday, in his 48th year, was cremated at Wilford Hill yesterday. A service was held at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, Nottingham, after which the ashes were scattered over the park at Blidworth Dale. The services at Wilford Hill, Mansfield Road church, and at Blidworth Dale, were conducted by the Reverence James Amos, M.A., minister of Moseley Baptist Church, Birmingham, formerly of the Mansfield Road church. … The mourners were: Mrs A. B. Spencer (widow), Mr George Spencer (father), Mr H. B. Spencer and Mr G. H. Spencer (brothers), Mr John Spencer (uncle), Mr A. I. Spencer and Mr Vernon Spencer (cousins), Mr D. G. Hopewell and Mr D. H. Jackson (brothers-in-law), Mr F. Ballam (Belfast), Mr James Barlass (Manchester), Mr F. Cox (Market Harborough, Mr Geoffrey Dawson (Bury St Edmunds), Mr J. C. Edwards (Manchester), Mr A. C. Farrow (London), Mr Eric Forth (Nottingham), Dr Adam Fulton (Harrogate), Mr S. Grain (Old Basford), Mr W. Holmes (Old Basford), Mr Allen Lovell (Leicester), Mr Douglas Main (Glasgow), Mr R. Mallett (Nottingham), Mr S. Morrison (Hucknall), Mr A. Newell (Old Basford), Mr A. Robinson (Lutterworth), Mr Herbert Sands (Nottingham), Mr R. A. Shipstone (Nottingham), Mr R. B. Spencer (Nottingham), Mr Edward Stibbe (Leicester), Dr R. H. Vartan (Hucknall), and Mr W. Wallace (London). Representing Mansfield Road Baptist Church were Messrs A. M. Edward (secretary), T. Cave (treasurer), W. H. Webster, Rev. T. Adamson, T. S. Adamson, W. Goodliffe, W. T. Westby, A. H. Cullen, A. Walters, W. W. Wood and Mrs A. W. Staveley. Mr H. R. Lindley represented Nottingham and Notts County Boy Scouts’ Association, Mr W. O. Burrows (Nottingham Chamber of Commerce), Mr E. B. Hancock (Shepshed Lace Co.), Mr Frank Bradwell (also representing Lieut.-Col. H. Bradwell), Mr C. G. Tuthill (Mansfield Conservative Association), Mr D. W. Harrison (L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Mr J. E. Widall (representing Mr F. M. Geeson, passenger and parcel agent, L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Lieut.-Col.  A. A. Walton, Principal H. A. S. Wortley (University College), Dr and Mrs T. L. T. Knox, Dr and Mrs Lakin (representing Mr and Mrs J. Beales), Mr E. Bignall (chairman) and Mr S. E. Ward (director) of J. B. Lewis and Sons, Ltd. Rev. J. Lowndes, Old Basford, Mr O. L. Bell (Westminster Bank), Mr S. Blythen, Mr and Mrs R. Hunterburom, Mr A. C. P. Hughes (Nottingham Y.M.C.A.), Mr H. Morley (Hucknall), Mr J. Hinchliffe (Hucknall), Captain L. L. Cooper, Miss Hope Cooper, Miss Anthea Cooper, Miss Ethel M. Smith (Nuthall), Mr E. A. Silverberg, Mr G. F. Godson, Messrs H. Bingham, T. Turner, F. G. Peach, C. H. Turner (Bradford), J. J. Spencer, H. W. Saunderson, W. G. Jacobson, E. J. Icke, J. F. Young, A. E. Short, Eric Potter, A. F. Roberts, S. W. D. Roberts, F. E. Bruckshaw (Leicester), G. Hind, Mr and Mrs F. G. Cox, Mr A. A. Aitken (representing Alex A. Aitken Ltd, and also the Egyptian Spinners Ltd, Bury), Mr A. A. Haley (Wakefield), Mr E. J. Allsop (Dobson and Allsop Ltd, Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mr J. Murray (Murray Bros and Co. Ltd, Bulwell), Mr A. H. Perkins and Mr A. E. Hudspeth (representing Holland and Webb Ltd), Mr F. L. Gell (G. Hopewell and Son Ltd). In addition there were representatives of the staffs and workpeople of the Old Basford, Hucknall and Lutterworth factories of George Spencer and Co. Ltd, and of W. E. Saxby Ltd, as well as Messrs H. Gulson, J. Gulson and W. Gulson of Blidworth Dale and Mr George Nicholson (Arkholme).

28 January 1948: V. Burrows, horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

1951: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Girls Fourth Class: Shirley Burrows (born 8 November 1944).

12 July 1951: D. M. Burrows, soprano, The Alexandra Choir

1952: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Girls Third Class: Shirley Burrows (born 8 November 1944).

1953: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Third Class Girls: Shirley Burrows (born 8 November 1944).

1954: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Third Class: Shirley Burrows (born 8 November 1944).

1955: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: 1st Class: Shirley Burrows (born 8 November 1944).

1 January 1965: Notice of marriage between Henry Dennis Burrows, 21, bachelor, colliery repairer (below ground), 9 School Street, Deri, Bargoed, and Beryl Payne, 18, spinster, watch factory hand, 17 Hengoed Hall Drive, Cefn Hengoed, Hengoed: intended to be solemnized at St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Usk Street, Bargoed, Gelligaer.