Brooks [021815]

May 1842: Bill to the Churchwardens of Alderley from Robert Brooke for repairing slates and pointing at Alderley church and school: Robert Brooke 6½ days; Thomas Bower 9 days; John Wheelton 9 days. Receipt by Robt. Brooks [signs]

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Avening: Abode: Nailsworth: John Brooks. Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Elmstree: William Brooks. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Miserdine: Abode: Verrinder’s Throat: Isaac Brooks

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of Henry Brooks, [Reg. No:] 708, Royal Artillery; [born:] Lincoln; [trade] slater; [age] 27⅓; [size:] 5[ft] 4[in]; [hair:] dark brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 10 March 1879 [at] Chatham; [marks & remarks: blank]

25 March 1880: County court judgment against George Field Brooks, 30 Wardour Street, publican

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Henry Brooks, High Street, Sandown, Isle of Wight, builder, &c., in favour of Isaac Cohen; and a bill of sale by William Brooks, 51 Gwine Road, near Old Battersea, bricklayer, and Henry Wallace, 39 Burton Crescent, Euston Road, lodging house keeper, in favour of Benjamin Blaiberg

28 August 1891: Stamps: For sale: Guildhall postcard, rose, thistle, shamrock. Cash offers. Brooks, 129 Portobello Road, London

9 November 1916: Burial of Priscilla Brooks, 50 years

June 1917: ‘The meeting for men on Monday, April 30th, was addressed by the Bishop of Manchester, Bishop of Lichfield, and Dr. Horton, and the women’s assembly was addressed by the Hon. Mrs Marshall Brooks, Mrs Gibson, and Miss Higson. The subject was Purity.’

11 March 1920: Charlotte Brooks baptised, 8 Lord Street, Moston

August 1924: All who are desirous of joining the S.S.S. Football Club should get in touch with the Hon. Secretaries (Messrs A. Royle, Primary ‘B’, and H. Brooks, 1st Class) … Mr T. B. Leigh has accepted the presidency of the club, and among the vice-presidents we have the support of Messrs R. Hopwood, L. B. Hadfield, P. B. Wolfe, W. E. Carrington, J. Froggatt and Mr W. B. Leigh.

April 1925: S.S.S. Social Club: ‘An enjoyable Social was held in the clubroom on Monday, March 23, under the genial chairmanship of Mr H. Clarke. The final round of the “Snooker” billiard handicap was played, resulting in Mr E. Howes winning the 1st prize, Mr H. Brooks 2nd, Mr E. Longson 3rd, Mr W. Jackson 4th. Mr G. Pollard presented the prizes. There was an excellent musical programme contributed to by Miss Dearden, Miss Ward and Mr George Langley; the chairman (Mr Clarke) recited and told “skits”, and Mr J. Nuttall officiated at the piano. Refreshments were served, and “Auld Lang Syne” terminated a pleasant evening.’

1 April 1931: Urban council elections: Bakewell: candidates: G. E. Rowland, J. M. Brooks, J. W. Raine, F. H. Baker, F. W. Taylor, T. Clark, jun.

July 1933: The following boys came top in their forms in the last final term examinations. Before the economy campaign the L.C.C. would have given each boy a book or some other valuable prize, but now these boys have to be content with a certificate. Form 5: 1 R. T. Brooks; 2 J. Geddes; 3 F. B. Hobdell; 4 J. V. Watson; 5 R. Nall

‘The School Concert: About mid-February of this year the lower hall became the scene of queer happenings. Several furlongs of wood, miles of wire, and acres of canvas gradually took shape as a stage and scenery, with lighting effects complete, the whole reflecting great credit on the industry and ingenuity of those responsible. On February 17th the School Concert, for which this stage was the setting, took place, a matinee performance before a crowded and appreciative audience of parents and friends. In the afternoon all concerned gave a splendid performance and did their very best, but in the evening they did even better: the actors actually surpassed themselves, and surprised even those who knew how well they could do. It seems somewhat invidious to single out individuals for special notice when all were so good, but mention must be made of A. Macdonald’s competent and understanding representation of the “interpreter” in L’Anglais tel Qu’on le Parle, and in the same play H. Kohn made a most convincing (and attractive) young lady, while J. Brooks could scarcely have bettered his impersonation of the inspector. Douglas Henderson, Douglas Gear, Ernest Scott and Norman East also played their parts excellently. Although C. Johnson and K. Judd had been brought in at very short notice to fill vacancies caused by illness, their parts in A. A. Milne’s The Man in the Bowler Hat were adequately played, and the whole was almost professional in its competence. Alan McBain’s performance as John and Sandford as Mary deserve special mention, whilst Judge and Holsman who had lesser parts were excellent. Dennis Rainey found a part in Laying a Ghost entirely suited to his particular genius and he made the most of it. It is a question as to who enjoyed the play most – the audience or Dennis; at all events the gusto with which he played put the success of the play beyond question. R. Nall made a most impeccable professor (as the stage sees him), E. Dickson a suitably phlegmatic policeman, R. Buckley a very charming maid and Hookway a most competent butler. The Indian Club Swinging was extremely good, as was the singing of the choir. The perfect team-work displayed by the choir ensured a successful performance and Dennis Sabin’s work as accompanist was invaluable, as well as his assistance in training the choir. His brilliant playing in the two solos he gave was greatly appreciated. Altogether we have reason to congratulate ourselves on a very interesting concert, reflecting greatly on all those boys who did so much to ensure its success.’

The Feldberg, by R. Brooks (Class 3)

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mr J. Brooks, 52 Pharos Street, Fleetwood

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: Lieutenant Joseph Brooks, R.N.; Flight Lieutenant R. Brooks

4 October 1963: Pamela Brooks, soprano, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

12 April 1971: Mr H. T. Brooks, a vice-president of Stockport County Association Football Club; and J. Brooks, footballer

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: Brian A. Brooks, 4 Holmeside Grove, Billingham, Teeside Tel.: Stockton 561799; L. Brooks, Billingham Const. Club, Wolviston Road, Billingham