Bradshaw [02180104]

12 January 1828: Bond by William Lawton [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, publican, [erased: William Braddock of Macclesfield hatter], Sampson Bold [signs] of Macclesfield publican and Samuel Bradshaw [signs] of Macclesfield hatter, to David Browne of Macclesfield gentleman, clerk of the court of the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £31 10s: for Lawton to appear at the next court, Monday 21 January 1828, to prosecute Samuel Henshaw and Jonathan Davenport for taking brew pan, mash tub, cooler, lot of barrels, sundries &c., tables, chairs, oven and grate &c., fender and fire irons, six beds and bedding, bedsteads &c. (worth £15 15s). Witness: Peter Browne [signs]. 12 January 1828: James Caldwell [signs] testifies to the value of the goods before Peter Browne [signs]

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: Everton House, Bath Road, Cheltenham: Robert Bradshaw (2) (duplicates)

14 August 1921: baptism of Marjorie daughter of Richard and Edith Alice Bradshaw

October 1922: The first Annual Meeting of the St Andrew’s Branch of the Alliance of Honour was held in St Andrew’s Vestry on 1 September. Chairman, Mr J. E. J. Peyton. The Secretary, Mr R. G. Allen, in giving an outline of the work for the twelve months, said the branch was started on 27 August 1921, with a nucleus of 7, and had now a membership of 79 – 45 Members and 34 Associates – whilst the president had left the district, three members had joined the Army, and one had died. Twelve meetings had been held, and addresses appertaining to purity had been given at each. The speakers had been the Reverend J. E. Gordon Cartlidge, Reverend J. E. Reilly, Mr H. Floyd, Mr S. Snow, and Dr D. Revie. … Mr C. Taylor has been secured as Secretary, and Mr J. R. Ray as Treasurer, and Mr C. Greenwell, Trainer. The branch was sorry at the loss of their president, the Reverend J. E. Gordon Cartlidge, who had started the branch and helped it in every way possible, being personally acquainted with almost every member. … The Secretary cordially thanked Mr S. Swinhoe and Mr R. Ellwood for their services as Treasurers in the past year, and the following members for getting out notices of meetings and the quarterly issues of Honour and Chivalry, the official organs of the movement: Messrs L. Slaughter, A. McLeod, R. Bradshaw, J. R. Ray, P. Allen and W. Allen. The Chairman (Mr J. E. J. Peyton) gave a short address …

1 April 1931: Mr R. G. Bradshaw, retiring president of Retford Operatic Society, at annual meeting

January 1936: Library. ‘We are grateful to Messrs Iliffe, the publishers, for presenting weekly the current issue of “The Motor Cycle” and “The Wireless World”, and to Mr W. Bradshaw who supplies the weekly issue of “Pitman’s Office Training”. We acknowledge with grateful thanks gifts of books and periodicals from those mentioned below, and would apologise for any omission. There is hardly a better way of helping a school than helping its library: The Headmaster. Messrs W. Bradshaw, Celia, Dane, Small, Stone and Walker. Old Nortonians: Grant, Marsh, Woodruff. Form VI: Reeds, Wade. Form V: Eason, Sadler, Saunders, Weatherly. Form II: Berry, Read.’

15 April 1953: county court judgment against Mr Bradshaw, Wordsworth, off 73 Lodge Lane, Liverpool, scrap metal dealer

7 October 1968: Alan Bradshaw footballer, playing for Crewe Alexandra

6 November 1968: Alan Bradshaw substituted for Inglis, playing for Crewe Alexandra

12 April 1971: Alan Bradshaw, footballer, Crewe Alexandra, born in Blackburn

7 March 1973: Alan Bradshaw, footballer, Crewe Alexandra

c1990: Sally Bradshaw, 15 Nottingham Road; Susie & Peter Whittle