June 1928: The Reverend A. K. Bostock, B.A., 71 Borough Road East, curate

August 1928: The Reverend A. K. Bostock, B.A., 71 Borough Road, Holy Cross Mission Church

Holy Cross Mission Church: C.L.B. Notes: The Shooting Competition which has been held, has been won by L.-Cp. Ford with a score of 20 out of 25 possible. The handicap was won by Sergeant Pearson. The medals for the competition were handed over by Mrs Bostock after a successful Church Parade which was held on Sunday, July 8th … G. W. Peacock

Girl Guides: report by Edna Bostock

July 1934: Gym. Competitions. Boys. The team competition for Mr Page’s Trophies was very keen resulting as follows: 1. Thoresby [house] (Naylor, Foster and Farlow) 209 points; 2. Welbeck (Bostock, Brown and Thomson) 206 points; 3. Hardwick (Nott, Plumb, Attewell) 204 points; 4. Wollaton (Wood, Caffrey, Payne) 151 points. The individual competition was won by Nott with 77 points, Bostock and Naylor each having 74 points. We are much obliged to Mr Roger for judging.

Athletic Sports. Results. Individual Events. Hurdles – Boys’ (senior) 16. 1. Nott (H); 2. Pike (Wn); 3. Bostock (Wk)

Dual Events, High Jump – Boys’ (senior). Height 4 ft 11 in. 1. Nott (H); 2. Bostock (Wk); 3. Baguley (Wk).