Booth [021515]

10 April 1689: Henry Booth [marks] of Prestbury in the county of Chester agricola and Jonathan Booth [marks] son of the said Henry in the said county milner: to Johanna Tasker of Over Alderley in the county aforesaid spinster: bond in £3. If the aboue bonden Henry Booth & Jonathan Booth his son or either of them their heires Executors or Administrators or Any of them do or shall Pay or cause to be Payd unto the aboue named Joane Tasker or to her Certaine Atturney, her Executors or Administrators, or to Any of them, the summe of Thirty shillinges Witnesses: Joshua Hough [signs], Roger Hough [signs]

1735: The Accounts of Edward Booth Surveyor of the Highways for Over Alderley for ye year 1735 As Hereafter Followeth …

Seen and Allowed p us Inhebts. Humphrey Byron [signs]  John Brown [signs]      John Barlow [signs]  Wm: Hough [signs]  Phillip Dicken [signs]   Charles Finlow [signs]  Daniell Baxter [signs]  Samuel Allison [signs]  Francis Brooke [signs]       John Norbury [signs]    Wee Return for The year Insueing to Bee Surveyors of the High Ways  John Norbury And John Daye

Seen and Allowd by Us  C Legh [signs]  Peter Davenport [signs]

4 June 1754: William Corner [marks] sole overseer of the poor of the hamlet of Chelford: Settlement certificate of Margaret Booth widow, Ellin, Peter and James her children. Witnesses: John Hutchinson [signs], Wm. Dean [signs]  Edwd Stanley [signs] and J. Baskervyle [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of William Dean the witness

3 July 1822: Bond by William Rushton [signs] and John Booth the younger [marks], both of Macclesfield, county Chester, yeomen, to David Browne of Macclesfield gentleman, clerk of the court of the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £30: to appear at the next court on Monday 15 July 1822, to prosecute Edward Bradley, David Sheldon, James Bradley, John Sheldon and Thomas Brown, for taking a round table, deal table with drawers, copper tea kettle, copper bed pan, small looking glass, grate and bars, tongs and poker, tea tray, two small waiters, two flat irons, Italian iron, twelve small pictures, toasting iron, tin oven, two iron shovels, bellows, five rush bottomed chairs, iron coal box, iron pot, tin watercan, two brass saucepans, two iron saucepans, washing mug, eight dishes, twelve plates, quantity of crockery, frying pan, lot of sundries, pair of tent bedsteads, bed cover, pair sheets, pair blankets, flour barrell, iron candlestick, chaff bed and bolster, one pair of four post bedsteads, pair sheets, one blanket, bed cover, chaff bed and bolster, mahogany chest of drawers, fire grate, china teapot and set of cups and saucers. Witness: Thomas Parrott [signs]. Peter Browne [signs] testifies to the value of the goods as £15

15 September 1848: Barbados: Arrival of the American brig Noble, captain Booth, from Alexandria, out 26 days

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Township of Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Bishop’s Cleeve: Esau Booth

29 January 1904: Eton Board of Guardians and Rural District Council: report of a meeting of the Board: present, Mr J. Hartopp Nash (in the chair), Mr H. R. de Salis, Dr Waters (vice-chairmen), the Reverend J. H. Matthews, Dr Newman, Colonel Ward-Bennitt, Commander Booth, Messrs F. B. Buckland, G. Hibberd, H. L. Darvill, C. J. Hill, F. Baxter, J. C. Howlett, E. Dyke, W. M. Bailey, E. H. Parry, W. Gamble, Z. H. Nash, T. H. Saunders, A. A. Somerville and W. Hearn. The Local Government Board inspector, Mr Stevens, complained of the condition of the patients in the sick wards. Dr Fuller reported bed sores in one case. An application by the London United Electric Tramways Company to extend their line from Slough to Taplow was considered. Mr R. H. Barrett (clerk) and Mr H. L. C Barrett (assistant clerk) asked for their salaries to be increased from £150 and £12 10s per annum respectively. Letters were received protesting about the lopping of the trees in The Avenue, Datchet.

4 December 1908: Postcard to Miss A. Booth c/o Mrs Copping, Timberland, Lincoln: ‘My dear old girl  many thanks for your letter  I was glad you was still alive  I hope to come to Lincoln on day but dont know which  will let you know later   love from May   I was going to put Mr Dishes what I was thinking about’

1923: School Certificate Examination: Matriculation Standard  –  Margery Callis, Kathleen Ross, Mabel Watts. Ordinary Certificate  –  P. Booth, P. Browne, D. Hulme, R. Ince, M. Smith, F. Sower, M. Stampe, K. Walker, I. Wilde, K. Wootton;

1923: Leaving Certificates: From Upper VI: Marjorie Baird, Muriel Barratt, Violet M. Livesey, Ina Pickles, Zillah Taylor. From Lower VI: Jean McNichol, Phyllis Nutter, Marion Raw, Mercedes Shirra. From Form V: Dorothy Babbage, Phyllis Booth, Phyllis M. Bourne, Rosalie E. Ince, Marjorie Smith, Freda M. Sower, Muriel C. Stacey, Margaret M. Stampe, Hilda M. Walker

1 April 1931: Rural council elections: Clowne: Clowne: candidates: J. Booth, P. Marshall, W. Woods, W. H. Gregory, W. Cawkwell, G. Scarboro, E. Brown, A. Calow, G. Windle, G. Redford, C. Burrows.

July 1939: Elected Members of the Parochial Church Council: Mrs Alford, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Bilney, Mrs Henley, Mrs Postle, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Wingrove, Miss English, Miss A. Gall, Miss Howe, Miss Naunton, the Reverend W. Macray, Messrs G. Booth (vice-chairman), H. Brandon, C. H. Henley, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell (honorary secretary), C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, F. W. Pulford, H. C. Skerritt, P. M. Webb, William Woodcock

Sidesmen: Messrs G. Booth, H. Brandon, E. K. Capon, W. N. Green, H. C. Henley, C. F. How, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell, C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, A. P. Scolding, H. C. Skerritt, F. Smith and P. M. Webb;

Honorary Secretaries &c.: Free-Will Offerings: Miss J. Hewetson, Market Hill; Parish Magazine: Mrs E. Bilney, Barton House; Mothers’ Meeting: Mrs Barnardiston & Mrs Arnott; G.F.S.: Miss Saunders, Mrs P. Webb & Mrs Dand; Sunday Schools: Miss A. Gall, Ipswich Road; Girl Guides: Miss Ethel A. Booth, Capt., Miss B. Hunt, Miss D. Nunn, Lieuts.; Brownies: Miss Amy Girling, Brown Owl.; 2nd Woodbridge Scout Group (St Mary’s) – G.S.M.: The Reverend G. R. D. Bennett; A.S.M.’s: Mr A. J. Grayston, Mr S Rhodes; C.M.: Mrs B. A. Postle; A.C.M.’s: Miss D. N. Skeet, Miss G. Girling. Elder Lads’ Club: Miss Culham, Leader; Melanesian Mission: Miss O. English, Hon. Sec.; Mothers’ Union: Mrs R. F. Cobbold, Hon. Sec.

Advertisement: George Booth, bookseller, Woodbridge. Established over 75 years. Telephone: Woodbridge 22. Commercial and fancy stationery. Large stocks at competitive prices. Newspapers delivered daily in Woodbridge and Melton. The shop for birthday and wedding gifts. The house for printing in up-to-date style. The English Hymnal as used at St Mary’s Church, 1/-, 1/9, 2/3, and large type edition 6/6. With tunes 6/- and 8/6; in leather 19/6. English Hymnal with Book of Common Prayer: in cloth – 1/9 to 2/6. In leather – 3/- to 5/3.

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Moss Empires. Birmingham Theatre Royal – Lee Ephraim’s “Sweet Yesterday”. Webster Booth and Annie Ziegler, Doris Hare, Hugh Morton, Philip Leaver, Mark Daly, etc. (6. Mats, Thurs. and Sat., 2).

December 1945: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: L. Booth, 39 Chapel Street, Eccleshill, Bradford

2 June 1951:

Principals in the Chinese play staged by High School pupils – A. Mortimer, Z. Paterson, P. Low, R. Davidson, E. Setten. The performance given last night in the Webster Hall will be repeated.

“Lady Precious Stream” – Courtiers and attendants. Back row: I. Smith, R. Reid, D. Davis, F. Black, I. Grant, D. Brown, K. Ferguson, R. Bowman. Seated: V. McColl, G. Booth, H. Stewart, D. Nairn, K. Forbes.

Prime Minister’s Household: – A. Stewart, K. B. Patterson, J. Sanderson and D. Peters.

18 December 1964: Notice of marriage between John Hughes, 21, bachelor, butcher, 1 Weston Road, Llanrumney, Cardiff, and Pauline Mary Booth, 18, spinster, shorthand typist, 2 St John’s Crescent, Whitchurch: intended to be solemnized at St Teilo’s Church, Old Church Road, Whitchurch.

c1990: Mary (Sister) & Gay Wilson, Priory Cottage, Park Lane, Reigate RH2  8JX ;  D. B. Wilson (Amanda Booth), 17 Harlow Court, Wray Common Road, Redhill