Bishop [020919]

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Tetbury: John Bishop. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Stratford’s, Stroud: William Bishop. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: High Street, Cheltenham: Henry Bishop; Abode: Hill House, Stroud: Thomas Handy Bishop.

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: George Hodges Bishop, Russell Street; William Gainer Bishop, Barton Terrace; William Bishop, White’s Hill. Occupiers of property in the ancient parish of St John the Baptist: William Bishop, for a house in Hare Lane. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Nicholas: James Bishop, for houses 91 Westgate Street.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of William Bishop, [Reg. No:] 2026, 64th Foot; [born:] Tipton-on-Stowe, Worcestershire; [trade] labourer; [age] 26½; [size:] 5[ft] 7[in]; [hair:] light brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 22 February 1879 [at] Jersey; [marks & remarks:] off furlough

28 August 1891: For Sale: Bradbury sewing machine, quite new. Cost 97/6; sell for £4. Approval; Deposit. Mrs Bishop, 42 Plasturton Gardens, Cardiff

29 January 1904: ‘Windsor Races. Considering that on Sunday night only one horse had arrived at Windsor, fields on Monday panned out exceptionally well. Indeed, in four of the items down for decision, runners were plentiful enough, with the principal event, the Rays Handicap Hurdle Race, attracted fourteen to the post. An inspection of the course at an early hour revealed the fact that the going was in capital order, and there were never any fear the frost would interfere with sport. The Bucks Maiden Hurdle Race was won by Mr H. C. Johnson’s Reservist, the Tower Steeplechase by Mr F. Bishop‘s Lyndon Green, the Rays Hurdle Handicap by Mr J. G. Clarke’s Mark Time, the Monday Maiden Hurdle Race by Mr J. Barnett’s Much Too Early, the Long Walk Steeplechase by Captain C. Gore-Langton’s Squint II., and the Paddock Steeplechase by Mr J. F. Hallick’s Foxhill. The frost having completely given way, the going for the concluding stage of the meeting on Tuesday proved somewhat holding. The light was considerably better than on the first day, as was also the attendance, but racing can hardly be said to have reached the standard usually witnessed at this enclosure, only thirty-three horses taking part in the half-dozen events down for decision. The Tuesday Hurdle Handicap was won by Mr. F. Cobb’s Chiselhamton, the Athens Steeplechase by Mr J. E. Hallick’s Foxhill, the Dorney Steeplechase by Mr H. R. Randall’s Red Hand, the Borough Steeplechase by Mr A. Hamblin’s Perdicus, the Slough Hurdle Handicap by Mr A. Jones’s Jack McCormick, and the Coveney Steeplechase by Mr A. Gorham’s Little Sister II.’

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Clifford – Mr Harding 3d, Mr Bishop 2d, Mr Sparrow 6d, Mr Brint 1/-, Mr Cole 1/-, Mrs Martin 6d, Miss Moreton 1/-, M. Ascough 1/-, Katie Davies 6d, Mr Barker 1/-, N. W. 6d, G. V. Preen 6d. Total 7/11. Collected by Miss Clinkett – Mrs King 3d, Mrs Shepherd 6d, Mrs Bishop 6d, Mrs Barnes 2d, Mrs Williams 3d, Mrs Bennett 3d, Mrs Compton 3d, Mrs Clinkett 6d, Mrs Fowler 4d. Total 3/-

January 1915: Humphrey Bishop, bass, 90a Portsdown Road, Maida Vale (Tel: 2929 Paddington); Alfred Bishop, business, acting or stage manager, 4 Highbury Mansions, Upper Street, Islington

20 July 1924: Heaviley School Classes 3 and 4 addressed by Mr W. Bishop

January 1927: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: A. E. Bishop, 3 Grays Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham

July 1934: Report (with group photograph) on the Mundella Old Boys’ dinner held at the Reform Club on 23 March. There were present: Mr R. B. Wight; Dr Cecil Roberts (guest of honour, ‘as usual, in sparkling mood. His speech, though provocative in parts was a piece of sheer virtuosity in after-dinner speaking’);  L. J. Levin (councillor, chairman of the Finance Committee); C. A. Ross; A. D. Smith; R. G. Vernon; C. Goldsworth; L. G. Gibson; P. T. Distin; D. Smith; J. Bartlett; B. Smith; B. E. Dean; H. B. Bishop; J. Westmoreland; K. Woollatt; Mr H. W. Jones; Mr L. Brettle (Headmaster of the Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield); H. B. Holbrook; J. Robinson; Mr Stace; Mr Kendall; W. C. Thomson; Mr Winfield; Mr Baynes-Smith; R. Burton; A. A. Shipside; P. G. Strouther; Bagguley; J. Daykin; A. R. Stone; C. D. Dickenson; Mr Austin; L. J. Widdowson; Ron Hadrill and Noel England (providing musical entertainment); Mr Thomas; T. E. Hall; A. J. Bates; A. C. A. Chisholm; H. B. Briggs; P. E. Hall; J. G. Hall; R. Lipman; Mr Jackson; Mr Broadburn; F. Hopewell; J. C. Steward; J. W. Perkins; F. Bee; K. Stocker; Mr Broomfield; Mr Storey; J. W. Adkin; J. Mackay; G. Atkinson; F. H. Anthony; F. G. Cox; S. A. Coleman.

Swimming. The Swimming Sports were held in the Portland Baths, on Wednesday, July 11th, 1934. Boys (under 15) – 1 length breast stroke for style 1. Atkin (H); 2. Bishop (Wn); 3. Dawkes (Wk). Boys (under 15) – 1 length back stroke race. 1. Bishop (Wn); 2. D’Arcy (Wn); 3. Standeven (Wk). Boys (under 15) – Distance Plunge. 1. Atkin (H); 2. Bishop (Wn); 3, Dawkes (Wk).

January 1936: Old Nortonians: Chairman, A. Bishop, Esq. The Annual General Meeting was held at the School on October 17th. The election of officers resulted in Mr Bishop assuming the role of Chairman, thus occupying the only office which he has so far not been called upon to fill. His election was a popular one. The thanks of the Association are again due to Mr Evans for undertaking the arduous office of Secretary and Treasurer.

12 June 1951: K. Bishop, soprano, The Alexander Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgments against H. E. Bishop, Winkfield Row, Bracknell; and against Arthur Thomas Bishop, Oak Farm, Long Cross, Chertsey, poultry farmer; and against Mr W. Bishop, 9 Norman Road, Swindon, Wiltshire

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: J. L. Bishop, R. E. J. Bishop

November 1960: Bradford Diocesan News: Chain of Prayer: November: 1 Cross Roads (Maurice Fox), 2 Cullingworth (-), 3 Denholme (Sydney Hailes), 4 Harden (-), 5 Haworth (Eric Barton), 7 Ingrow (George Speller), 8 Keighley (Clifford Hamer, Noel Hawthorne, Patrick Toft), 9 Keighley Holy Trinity (Harry Cole), 10 Kildwick (Arthur Selby), 11 Morton (Willie Fletcher), 12 Oakworth (Philip Stringer), 14 Oxenhope (Herbert Sanders), 15 Riddlesden (Mark Bishop), 16 Silsden (John Lambert-Smith), 17 Steeton (Granville Jones), 18 Sutton-in-Craven (John Renton), 19 Bradford Cathedral (John Tiarks, Denis Gatenby, Michael Barton, Beatrice Kennedy),  21 Bradford St Augustine (Frank Hardman), 22 Bradford St Chrysostom (Madoc Jones), 23 Bradford St Clement (Desmond Kendrick, John Rhodes), 24 Bradford Holy Trinity (Jack Howarth in ch.), 25 Frizinghall (Colston Sage), 26 Girlington (Robert Young, Tom Walker), 28 Heaton St Barnabas (Arden Constant), 29 Heaton St Martin (Leonard Hardaker), 30 Manningham St Chad (Harry Hands)