Bennett [020514]

Michaelmas 1558: [Michaelmas 5 & 6 Philip & Mary 1558 m. 17d Bastard:] Norwich. William Stede of Norwich inholder v. John Watson of Walcote in county Norfolk husbondman otherwise called John Watson of Walcote in county Norfolk yoman: Debt £15; Edward Bennet late of Sutton in county Norfolk gentleman otherwise called Edward Bennett in the county aforesaid gent’: Debt 100s. Defendants have not come; sicut prius to be taken; not found; sicut pluries to be taken, for morrow of Martinmas

25 November 1558 [Michaelmas 5 & 6 Philip & Mary 1558 m. 231 Grendon] Quindene of Martinmas. Norwich. William Stede of Norwich inholder (by Peter Pory) v. John Watson of Walcote in county Norfolk husbondman otherwise called John Watson of Walcote in county Norfolk yoman. Debt £15; Edward Bennett late of Sutton in county Norfolk gentleman otherwise called Edward Bennett in the county aforesaid gent’: Debt 100s. Defendants have not come, sicut pluries had been ordered to be taken; not found; to be exacted, for a month from Easter [23 April 1559]. Writ to Henry Attemere deputy sheriff of Norwich

27 July 1787: Bond by Thomas Henshaw [signs] of Gawsworth, county Chester, yeoman, Thomas Salt of Macclesfield, county Chester, twister and Edward Bennett [signs: Bennet] of Macclesfield hatband maker, to Samuel Boyer gentleman clerk of His Majesty’s court of record for the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £18: for Henshaw to appear at the next court to prosecute Thomas Hammond of Macclesfield yeoman, for wrongfully taking and unjustly detaining one eight days clock, two horses, one cart and one chest of drawers. Witness: Edward Sumner [signs]

May 1835: Directory of Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and Neighbourhoods. Nail Makers: William Bennett, Summercoates.

13 January 1845: English barque Woodhouse, captain Bennett, at Antwerp, from Hull, with manufactures

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Avening. Abode: Avening: Henry Bennett. Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Culkerton, Rodmarton: Richard Bennett; Abode: Syde: William Bennett; Abode: Maidford, Wiltshire: John Daniel Garlick Bennett. Campden Polling District: Parish of Mickleton: Abode: Mickleton: Samuel Bennett. Parish of Pebworth: Abode: Abode: Marston Sicca: John Bennett. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: 96 Winchcomb Street, Cheltenham: John Bennett; Abode: Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire: Timothy Bennett (duplicate).

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Benjamin Bennett, Alvin Street; Frederick Bennett, London Road; Joseph Bennett, London Road. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Michael: Enoch Bennett, for a house in Barton Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Owen: John Bennett, for a house in Green Dragon Lane.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Thomas Shapley, Charlton Street, Barton Hill, Bristol, builder, in favour of William H. Bennett; Bill of sale re-registered: Frederick Bennett, 3 Angel Park Gardens, Brixton, engineer, to Ernest E. West and another

25 March 1880: Holder: William Smith & Co., commission agents, Aberdeen. Acceptor or Promiser: George Bennett, grocer, 19 Henry Street, Aberdeen

18 August 1880: Marriages: August 11, at St Thomas’s church, Exeter, by the Rev. A. O. Alleyne, vicar of St Edmund’s, the Rev. John Sparshatt, of Norwich, to Emma Ada, second daughter of Matthew Bennett, of Fairfield House, Exeter

28 August 1891: Stamps: 10,000 used red postage stamps. What offers? W. Bennett, 23 Paynton Road, Silverhill, Hastings

For sale: Rare strain sweetwilliams, double and single strong plants, doz. 1/-, free. W. Bennett, Paynton Road, Silverhill, Hastings

Aquaria: The best book on the management of the freshwater aquarium is Bateman’s Freshwater Aquaria, price 3/6; and that on the seawater aquarium, Bennett‘s Marine Aquaria, price 2/6; both are well illustrated. The 2 vols. in one 5/6. London: L. Upcott Gill, 170 Strand.

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Southampton. At Luke’s yard, Hamble, Sphinx, yawl, is ready for sea. Mr Richard Bennett‘s new boat was launched on Tuesday; she will be known as Apteryx, and is a cutter of 16 tons burthen. The new 15-ton cruiser is also ready for launching. Baladeuse, s.y., Mr Spencer Chapman, was launched and left for Southampton. Bianca, 24 tons, schooner, Mr Hewitt, is ready for sea. Daisy, yawl, has had her decks caulked, and was repainted, and will complete her outfit next week. Dormouse, s.y., Col. Dugmore, has had a new deck-house, and sundry other alterations on deck and below, and left the yard. St Bernard, schooner, Mr Macdonald, is awaiting orders to re-fit, after having undergone some extensive repairs. Ninette, s.y., Mr Rodewald, is hauled up, had her copper stripped off, and is being caulked and re-coppered previous to fitting out for the season. Coralie, cutter, Mr Tasker, and Amiasona, cutter, Major Bogle, are also fitting out; and Susan, cutter, Major Finch, and Daisie, cutter, Mr Croxhall, have left the yard. Mariposa has also left. Lady Ruth, cutter, Mr Trollope, went to Southampton to be measured, and sailed for Erith; and Charm, Mr Howard, returned to the yard after a short cruise. Other yachts fitting out are Azalea, yawl, Mr Wise; Cypreoe, sloop, Mr McAndrew; and St Joseph, s.y. This yacht has just been let to Mr Curtis, who has taken the Vicarage, Hamble, for the season. The firm have finished the ½-rater they had in hand for some time, and she will be known as Vie; the new house-boat for Mr Brown is also nearing completion.

1901 to 1902: R. E. Bennett, pupil at Truro School.

29 January 1904: ‘Eton Fire Brigade. On duty: Escape-Foreman F. E. Goddard and Fireman W. S. Fountain. Tuesday – Parade at the Fire Station for “Curricle” drill at 7 p.m. R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.’ ‘Eton Fire Brigade. The annual meeting of the Eton Fire Brigade was held on Friday evening at the Bridge House Hotel, when the majority of the members were present, together with Mr Ingalton Drake and Mr Cecil Howlett, members of the Eton Urban District Council. On the proposition of Mr Hasted, seconded by Mr Westoby, Mr Howlett was voted to the chair. The minutes of the last annual meeting having been past the following report was read by the Hon. Secretary (Mr W. G. Clarke):- “Gentlemen, I have pleasure in presenting my report for the past year:- Fires.- Called by telephone to the premises occupied by Messrs Butler and Bowden, drapers and general stores, High Street, Slough, comprising six shops and premises adjoining, on Thursday 1 January 1903. Call received at 4.30 p.m.; cause, ignition of goods in shop window of the drapery department by assistant in lighting up; contents and buildings insured in the Atlas Fire Office; damage, the entire block of buildings destroyed; estimated damage, about £18,000; manual engine and eighteen members present. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Baldwin’s End, Eton College, in the occupation of Mr R. S. Kindersley, being a dwelling-house and cottage adjoining, on Monday 1 June. Time of call, 4.5 a.m., premises alight from end to end; approximate time of outbreak 3.55 a.m.; cause, unknown; contents insured in Guardian Office, building insured in the County Fire Office; lives, first body discovered 4.45 a.m.; second body 6 a.m., life extinct; fire extinguished by hydrant supply, assisted by steamer from Windsor Fire Brigade and steamer from Slough Fire Brigade; members present, 14; damage, the entire building destroyed by fire, smoke and water; cottage adjoining slightly damaged by smoke. – Called by stranger to the premises occupied by Mr A. M. Goodhart, Eton College, on Sunday, 13 September; time of call, 2.30 p.m.; cause, over-heating of gas-stove in kitchen; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present 2, damage, stove by fire, kitchen by smoke and water. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Gulliver’s, Eton College, occupied by Mr J. M. Dyer, on Friday 27 November; time of call, 4.55 p.m.; cause, unknown; extinguished by firemen with buckets and hand=pump; members present, 2; damage, room first floor, curtains and painted work, general damage by water; estimated damage, £2. – Called by strangers to the premises known as 86 High Street, Eton, in the occupation of Mr J. Wilcox, dairyman and greengrocer, on 22 December. Time of call, 7.47 a.m.; cause, sparks from fire; contents insured in County Fire Office, building in Norwich Union; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 13; damage, kitchen on ground floor and contents severely damaged by fire, heat, smoke and water, rest of house slightly by smoke; estimated damage, £10. – Called from fire alarm box 52 to the premises occupied by Messrs Gane and Co., bootmakers, 125 High Street, Eton; cause, overheat of stove; insured contents, Norwich Union Fire Office; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 5; damage, about 4 ft super of flooring and mantelpiece, and cutting away by same in back room first floor, rest of contents in room slightly by smoke; estimated damage, about £3. … Competitons. – National Fire Brigades Union, South Midland District. Annual district competition drills held at Luton on 24 June; the Brigade was represented in several drills, Escape-Foreman Goddard and Fireman Bennett being awarded second prize in the two-men drill, in which 19 brigades competed. – The annual competition drills of the Brigade were held as usual on Fellow’s Eyot, Eton College (by kind permission of the Provost and Fellows), and, notwithstanding a very wet afternoon, were witnessed by many interested ratepayers. Escape-Foreman Goddard won the one-man championship of the Brigade in 52 seconds, Fireman G. Bennett being second in 52 2/5 seconds. 20 August – Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade annual drill competitions were held on 31 August at Preston Park. The Brigade was represented in the one-man, two-men, three-men and six-men drills. I regret that Fireman J. Webb suffered a severe action on this occasion, and unfortunately the Brigade was unsuccessful in every event. … I wish to tender my best thanks to Mr A. A. Somerville, chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee, and to Mr Councillor Howlett for his untiring energy in the interest of the Fire Brigade, and his special journey to Liverpool and Blackpool to inspect appliances there, accompanied by Escape-Foreman Goddard, to whom I offer my best thanks; also to Hon. Secretary W. G. Clark for the ready help given on all occasions. Votes of thanks – to the honorary officers of the Brigade, the Reverend J. Shepherd, Dr E. Hale, Mr J. E. Gale, Mr F. Goddard, Mr H. B. Brown, the best thanks of the active members are gratefully tenders … the Governing Body of Eton College per their Bursar, Mr H. C. Holloway-Calthrop, for the munificent gift of the steam fire-engine and part fire-alarm system and fire-escape for use by members of the Brigade … R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.” This report was agreed to on the proposition of Mr Plumridge, seconded by Mr Halliday senior. Mr Hetherington asked if the Gamewell system was fully installed, as he thought some members were still not on the system. … There was a contest for the Chief Officership. Mr Bennett proposed, and Mr Halliday seconded, the re-appointment of Mr Dugdale, while Mr Westoby proposed Mr F. E. Goddard, and this was seconded by Mr F. Husted. … Mr Bennett junior championed the cause of their former captain with considerable warmth … Mr Goddard [said] he had felt the unpleasantness of being deemed an undesirable member for holding the escape-foremanship on account of his living out of Eton, although he spent most of the day in the town … He objected to being stabbed in the back, and if any member had anything to say against him let it be said to his face. … Mr Hetherinton thought that as escape-foreman Mr Goddard was the right man in the right place … [Mr Dugdale was re-elected] … The other appointments were:- Foreman, Mr Hetherington; engineer, Mr W. W. B. Hill; escape-foreman, Mr F. E. Goddard; sub-engineer, Mr Bettridge; committee, Messrs Plumridge, Fountain, Goddard, Hill, and Bettridge, while the latter was asked to again take up the duties of canteen steward. … On the proposition of Mr Baker, seconded by Mr Hollyer, a vote of thanks was heartily accorded to Mr Ingalton Drake …’

c1905: Postcard to Miss Bennett, 83 Colombine, St Heliers, Jersey: ‘Dear Amy, I am glad you agree with me and that you like the cards. I suppose you saw a lot of these when you were living here, eh; I think this is a charming face   don’t you   Tee’

1908 to 1917: Henry Pearce Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Address June 1954: Emlym, Clodgy View, St Ives.

3 August 1908: Miss A. Bennett, Veue Villa, Stopford Road, St Heliers: ‘Dear Amy   Wishing you Many happy Returns of the Day. With Love   Queenie x x x’

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Clinkett – Mrs King 3d, Mrs Shepherd 6d, Mrs Bishop 6d, Mrs Barnes 2d, Mrs Williams 3d, Mrs Bennett 3d, Mrs Compton 3d, Mrs Clinkett 6d, Mrs Fowler 4d. Total 3/-

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: staying with Mrs Williams at Maenheere: Mrs Kirk, Miss Kirk, Mrs Bell, Miss Nellie Bell, Miss Craven, Miss E. Bell, Miss Simmonds, Mr and Mrs E. Howell, Mrs and Mr Croucher, Mr and Mrs Bennett, Mr and Mrs Elliott, Miss Elliott, Mrs Colemutt, Mr W. T. Smith, Mrs Newman, Master Newman, Miss Newman, Miss Bagnall, Mr and Mrs Kidman, Mr Nevill Shute, Mr Murdoch, Mr Hunter, Mr Clarke, Mr Dibb, Mr Rendle.

1916 to 1924: Eric Robins Bennett, pupil at Truro School. B.Sc.Lond. (Westminster College). Died 1931.

1917 to 1923: Cecil Charles Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Civil Service. Address June 1954: 112 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, W.9.

1921 to 1923: Gordon Davis Bennett, pupil at Truro School.

August 1924: Brinksway School. A Cake Fair, opened by Mrs Royle, chaired by Councillor George Bennett. Miss Horn sang the solo ‘Carnival’. 12 July 1924.

Primary Department ‘C’: One new name has been added to the Cradle Roll, and that is the name of Doris Bennett

Junior Department ‘C’: Two of our scholars Edith Fosbrooke and Lizzie Bennett have been promoted to the Large Room Classes

April 1925: Advertisement: Bennetts’, 19 Market Place, Stockport: T. Leigh Bennett and Raymond Bennett

April 1925: Primary Department C: scholars’ birthdays during April: George Jones, Bertha Hadfield, Elizabeth Bennett, Roland Gee, Freda Bann, Marion Moss, John Jordan, Doris Bennett;

Advanced Primary Department A: scholars moving up to the older classes: Eunice Massey, Florence Howard, Doris Hopwood, Lily Goulden, Frank Robinson, Herbert Bennett, George Seager

Advertisement: Bennetts’, 19 Market Place, Stockport: T. Leigh Bennett and Raymond Bennett

1926 to 1936: John Paul Barkill Bennett, pupil at Truro School. (Camborne School of Mines). Capt., R.A.M.C. Died 1945.

1927 to 1931: Frederick William Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Address June 1954: New Mills, Kenwyn, Truro.

1929 to 1930: Gilbert Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Ship Chandler.

1930 to 1936: Alfred John Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Farming. Address June 1954: Calendra, Ruan High Lanes.

1931 to 1932: Henry Penrose Bennett, pupil at Truro School. R.N.

1931 to 1937: Richard John Bennett, pupil at Truro School. (Camborne School of Mines). Sapper, R.E. Died on Active Service.

1932 to 1939: David Robert Bennett, pupil at Truro School. Sub-Lieut., R.N.V.R. (A). Died in Norway.

July 1934: Boys’ Cricket Club. Captain: G. A. Tabberer. Vice-Captain: E. S. Foster. Secretary: C. W. Cullen. 12 May, won v. High Pavement (Bostock 4 for 8; Tabberer 3 for 11 and 20 not out. 16 May, lost v. Henry Mellish (Bostock 6 for 34). 30 May, drawn v. U.C.N. “B” XI (Bostock 5 for 27). 2 June, won v. Mansfield Brunts (Greensmith 14; Steward 15 n.o.; Tabberer 5 for 25; Bostock 5 for 22); 6 June, lost v. High Pavement (Bostock 7 for 31; Carroll 19); 9 June, drawn v. Heanor (Tabberer 5 for 17; Bostock 5 for 23); 13 June, lost v. U.C.N. “B” XI (Tabberer 24); 16 June, drawn v. Heanor; 20 June, won v. West Bridgford (Tabberer 29 and 5 for 22); June 30, drawn v. Mansfield Brunts (Carroll 19 not out; Bostock 25); July 7, won v. Queen Elizabeth’s G. (Greensmith 45; Foster 40; Bennett 17 not out; Tabberer 8 for 41); July 11, won v. Bemrose School, Derby (Tabberer 5 for 15; Greensmith 3 for 1).

Detailed description of the Cricket Match played between Mundella and Mansfield Grammar School, at Mansfield, Saturday, July 7th, in which Tabberer, Foster, Greensmith and Bennett played for Mundella.

January 1936: Chess Club. ‘Bennett, the holder of the Championship Cup last term, was challenged and relieved of it by Nagle (VI C.S.). Bennett held the Cup for nearly two years, and Club members should see that the present holder’s reign is much shorter. He is open to challenges – nay, invites them.’

Literary & Debating Society. ‘At the first meeting of the term, September 27th, the committee and secretary were elected. O’Leary, Moyes, Bennett, Mitchell and Baisbrown were elected to serve on the committee, the last-named being elected secretary.’ ‘The most popular meeting of term, possibly the most popular in the Society’s history, took place on November 15th, when a “Grousers’ Night” was held. Judging by the attendance, members and others were far from satisfied with the School and its rules. Moyes complained of the lack of interest taken in certain sections of the School; O’Leary lamented the lack of respect for tradition and authority in the school; Hébert demanded a complete revision of school rules, while Mr Evans deplored the absence of manners among boys of the school. Read, as usual, attacked all and sundry; Jones spoke on behalf of the prefects, for whom Mitchell saw no use; Hicks called for more intensive training of school teams, while Mr Walker complained of wasted time. Stainer and Lowe attacked the present prefectorial system, and Bennett asked for a graded system of conduct marks. The Headmaster replied, promising to give attention to any wrongs that required setting right.’ ‘On 6th December, Mr Pengelly, A. Merritt, F. Bennett, C. Salisbury and K. Ludman gave us an interesting account of their experiences on the cruise on board S.S. Neuralia last August. Judging by their accounts of life aboard, and in Sweden and Denmark, the P.N.S.S. has left its mark in lands across the sea.’

1939 to 1940: Erich Bauer (Eric R. Bennett), scholar at Truro School. Address June 1954: 5312 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A.

July 1939: Parochial Church Council: Ex Officio: The Rector: The Reverend Robert B. Dand (Chairman). Curate: The Reverend G. R. D. Bennett. Churchwardens: Mr H. H. Green, Mr E. Bilney. Representatives to Diocesan Conference: Mrs Dand, Mr C. H. Dobree. Representatives to Ruridecanal Conference: Captain F. C. Henniker, Mr F. L. Whitmore. Treasurers: Mr H. H. Green and Mr E. Bilney

Choirmaster: The Reverend G. R. D. Bennett

Honorary Secretaries &c.: Free-Will Offerings: Miss J. Hewetson, Market Hill; Parish Magazine: Mrs E. Bilney, Barton House; Mothers’ Meeting: Mrs Barnardiston & Mrs Arnott; G.F.S.: Miss Saunders, Mrs P. Webb & Mrs Dand; Sunday Schools: Miss A. Gall, Ipswich Road; Girl Guides: Miss Ethel A. Booth, Capt., Miss B. Hunt, Miss D. Nunn, Lieuts.; Brownies: Miss Amy Girling, Brown Owl.; 2nd Woodbridge Scout Group (St Mary’s) – G.S.M.: The Reverend G. R. D. Bennett; A.S.M.’s: Mr A. J. Grayston, Mr S Rhodes; C.M.: Mrs B. A. Postle; A.C.M.’s: Miss D. N. Skeet, Miss G. Girling. Elder Lads’ Club: Miss Culham, Leader; Melanesian Mission: Miss O. English, Hon. Sec.; Mothers’ Union: Mrs R. F. Cobbold, Hon. Sec.;

2nd Woodbridge (St Mary’s) Scouts: The scouts were in camp for the Whitsun holiday at Wrabness Hall, on a quiet site close to the shore of the Stour estuary, and all enjoyed an admirable camp under excellent weather conditions. Among the 21 scouts of this troop under canvas were several younger boys for whom it was their first camp, and these entered into all the activities with great zest and appeared to enjoy thoroughly every moment of a new experience … Scout-master S. Rhodes was in charge of the camp over the weekend, and G.S.M. (the Reverend Bennett) and four of the choirboy scouts joined the camp on Sunday night and stayed, with the younger scouts, until Tuesday evening. – Report by G. R. D. Bennett

16 October 1943: Joan Bennett, aged 10, Mytle Street, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

16 November 1943: Joan Bennett, aged 11, Mytle Street, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

1944 to 1945: Reginald John Granville Bennett, pupil at Truro School. To Redruth C.G.S. Address June 1954: 246 Agar Road, Pool.

1946: Postcard to Mr & Mrs C. S. Bennett, 7 Mornington Road, Ilkley: ‘Dear Both   Had a good journey & it has managed not to rain so far. Expect I shall miss today’s post with this  –  but you’ll get it on Wed. I got some sandals at Rowntree’s  –  they were dear for what they are but will put me on   Love M. xxxx  P.S. Will be writing’

28 January 1948: L. Bennett, orchestral manager, London Philharmonic Orchestra

1951: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class, teacher Mr P. Brutnell: pupil Susan Bennett (born 1948).

12 June 1951: G. Bennett, soprano, The Alexandra Choir

1952: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class, pupils Susan Bennett, Diane Bennett.

1953: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class, pupils Susan Bennet [sic], Diane Bennet [sic].

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mr H. Bennett, 6 Bolton Road, N.W.8

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: Alan D. Bennett, C. George Bennett, F. Bennett, Gordon Bennett

7 March 1973: Harry Bennett, footballer, Aldershot; also C. Bennett Esq., ball donor 30 September 1972, for Aldershot v Reading

23 March 1974: Harry Bennett, footballer, Crewe Alexandra

25 May 1979: M. R. Bennett, prizewinner, Sutton Valence School

1994: Eve Bennett, clairvoyant

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Rowena Bennett