Bellevue Farm, Bedford [b020512]


28 August 1891: For Sale: 85 pure bred Kerry and Dexter Kerry heifers, at various stages of calving, from 1 month and upwards. Prices from £10 to £14 each. S. Mann, Bellevue Farm, Bedford.

No more sour milk, inferior butter, tainted meat, fish, sausages, poultry, &c., by using Preservine, which is an antiseptic salt, free from colour, taste, or smell, and as wholesome as the bread we eat, milk is guaranteed to keep perfectly sweet 8 days, during the most sultry weather, and butter for any length of time, or any food likely to turn sour, its preserving qualities are marvellous, and have defied competition for years. Thousands of testimonials. Price 1/6 per lb post free, cash with orders. Special quotations to large consumers. S. Mann & Co., Farmers’ Dairy Co., Bedford