Barker [02011811]

7 October 1309: [Ad’ le Barker] de magna Neston’ p falsa querela sua verss Ran’ de Mrton’ de pl’ito noue diss’ie in m’ia

7 March 1528: Ordinations at Lichfield cathedral: Acolytes Secular: Philip Barker

March 1832: A seven-page legal bill to the executors of the late Mr Henry Hand of Bromley, from Killmister & Challinor, solicitors, reciting the expenses incurred in dealing with the estate. Instructions were received 30 April 1821. 2 May 1821 a letter was sent to Mr White, proctor, at Lichfield, to send commission to Mr Challinor at Stafford. 11 May 1821 reference to Mrs Hand. 21 June 1821 Mr Dixon wrote enquiring the price of the premises at Millstone Green. 4 July 1821 Mr Rolls, solicitor to Mr Joseph Keen, saying that Keen would not abandon his claim to the Millstone Green property. Mr Harvey wrote about purchasing the property. 16 July a sale took place at Newcastle under Lyme. 24 July 1821 Messrs Audley were told that £180 was the lowest price acceptable for the Millstone Green property. September 1821 an agreement was drawn up for the sale of the property to Mr Swinnerton. Mr Kinnersley wrote enquiring about the premises at Ashley. During drawing up the abstract of title to the Millstone Green property, a letter was sent to Mr William Hand asking him for a copy of Mr Henry Hand’s will. A letter was sent to Mr Gibbs near Eccleshall. The abstract of title extended to include the late Mr Delaister’s premises. Mr Challinor had to go to Chippenham near Eccleshall to examine title deeds in the hands of Mr Gibbs relating to the Whithebed and Masters: but found that he only had those relating to the latter; the others being in the hands of Mr Bourne of near Drayton. Mr Comberbach, solicitor for Mr Henshaw, the purchaser of the Masters, reviewed the title. Mr Bourne had entrusted his deeds to his solicitor, Mr Butterton. As to the Whitehead [sic], part of the deeds were found in the hands of Mr Baddley, but others were unaccounted for. In March 1822 a letter was sent to Mr Stanley about the purchase, and one to Messrs Fenton with an abstract of Mr Kynnersley’s purchase. Mr Swinnerton’s purchase was affected by the terms of Miss Hand’s legacies. A letter was sent to Messrs Collins and Keen returning the draft of Mr Swinnerton’s conveyance. May 1822 a letter was sent to Mr Becketts of Woore about Jervis’s claim; the like to Mr Wright. An agreement was made between the executors and Mr E. Barker. June 1822 letters sent to Mr Henshaw on the subject of his purchase from the executors; the like to Mr Fox of Ashley. July 1822 perusing deeds relating to Mr Baker’s purchase. Mr Preston’s opinion was sought. Messrs Fenton not being satisfied with his opinion, they were sent a full abstract of Mr Rd Hand’s will. February 1823 Mr Stanley was buying the remaining Ashley property for a client of his. 20 October 1824 Mr Harding requested an abstract of title for the premises in Newcastle purchased by Mr John Audley of Newcastle. February 1825 Mr Jones raised objections to Mr Audley’s purchase. 3 May 1825 letter to Mr Harding of Willow Trees enquiring who were his father’s executors, he being a trustee under the late Mr Rd Hand’s settlement. 9 June 1825 letter to Mr Trevor solicitor to the Legacy Duty Office. £261 8s 2d

1 February 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Ghent, Propitious, [commander:] Barker, B[ritish], 55 [tons], Cherry Garden, [shipper:] Batten & Co

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Isaac Barker, Norton; William Barker, Barton Terrace

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by William Barker, 16 Lower Park Street, Derby, goods guard, in favour of Harris M. Beirnstein

28 August 1891: For sale: Amherst cock pheasant, 2 years old, healthy, and in good plumage, 21/- Ed. Barker, Sutton, Thirsk

For sale: Fine young healthy male badger, large specimen, 25/- Ed. Barker, Sutton, Thirsk

To 1893: A. G. Barker, scholar at Truro School.

29 January 1904: Advertisement: Clewer House School, Alma Road, Windsor. W. Nutter Barker, B.A., begs to inform his friends that he has opened a junior department for younger pupils.

‘Sports and Pastimes: Windsor and Eton team against Reading Amateurs in the League match at Reading on Saturday will be selected from the following players: M. Mackay, W. Wellbourne, F. J. Rowland, L. Williams, C. Wren, H. Cook, E. Skinner, G. H. Hobbs, C. Hyde, J. Wilkins, G. Prior, J. Kingston, H. Gillingham, C. Ewins. The players will travel by the 12.55 train. The replayed tie in the divisional final of the Junior Cup between Windsor and Eton Reserves at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday should attract a large number of football enthusiasts from Windsor on Saturday. The Reserves will be at full strength, F. Holtum and W. Fountain having recovered from their injuries. The team will be: – H. Tilly; F. Holtum, J. Cort Starie; W. Hester, G. Cox, L. Blane; W. Henry, S. Perry, W. Fountain, J. Bourne, F. Taylor. Reserve, C. Ewins; linesman, C. Barker. 1.40 and 2.15 G.W.R. trains.’

‘Mr W. J. Crane has decided to finish the season as hon. secretary of the Wednesday team in conjunction with Mr P. Pettitt. The Wednesday team have a special attraction for February 10th (Wedding Day). They will entertain the champions of the Reading Wednesday League at the Rec. The kick-off will be at 3.30, for the convenience of those who wish to see the sights and then have a “look in” at the League match. Next Wednesday they play the third game with the 1st Life Guards at the Rec. at 2.45. Each side have won a game by the odd goal and this third meeting should provide a very interesting match. Windsor and Eton Wednesday team will be selected from F. J. Husted, A. Rowland, E. Stanford, E. C. Russell, G. H. Hobbs, C. E. Ewins, E. Skinner, W. H. Wilkins, C. Hyde, Smith, C. Barker, R. L. Rodman and C. Hawkesworth.’

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Clifford – Mr Harding 3d, Mr Bishop 2d, Mr Sparrow 6d, Mr Brint 1/-, Mr Cole 1/-, Mrs Martin 6d, Miss Moreton 1/-, M. Ascough 1/-, Katie Davies 6d, Mr Barker 1/-, N. W. 6d, G. V. Preen 6d. Total 7/11.

5 November 1923: Death, at Monsall Hospital, of Kathleen Mary the beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Barker, aged 14 years

7 June 1930: Fifty-second Annual Meeting of the O.Y.S.A.: Held in the John Bright Library, Bootham School, York, on Saturday, June 7th, 1930. Arthur Rowntree presided. E. C. Bewley read the minutes of the 1929 annual meeting, which were approved. … On the motion of G. G. Brown the following officers were elected: Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, F. C. Bewley; Hon. Financial Secretary, Stephen H. Clark; Hon. Auditor, Basil Priestman; two members of Executive Committee, J. Barker and G. Christie; O.Y.S.A. representative on the School Committee, W. B. Barber.

July 1930: Officers of the O.Y.S.A., 1930-1931: Executive Committee: Retire 1933 – Jack Barker

1 April 1931: ‘The prize distribution in connection with the Boys’ Department of Berridge Road Council School took place yesterday. The Rev. J. Frankland, chairman of the school managers, who presided, presented the swimming awards, the Rev. R. K. Ross the scripture prizes and the ‘Jardine’ cricket shield and medals, and Mr F. T. Baker, vice-chairman of the City Education Committee, the cups and trophies won at the Nottingham and Derbyshire music festivals.” There were speeches by Mr A. J. Barker, the head master, and Mr Harry White of the local branch of the R.S.P.C.A. The cup for singing given by Mr G. M. Sadler was presented. Master Wilfred Barlow brought pleasure with his singing of ‘Annie Laurie’.’;

Rural council elections: Skegby: Stanton Hill Ward: candidates: G. H. Barker, E. Smith.

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: N. Barker, 29 Abbey Lane, Dunkirk, Nottingham

6 June 1932: Marjorie Barker, 11 Storecroft Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

1938 to 1945: Donald Barker, scholar at Truro School. Address June 1954: 25 Green Close, Truro. Journalism.

1939 to 1948: Michael Elliston Barker, scholar at Truro School. Address June 1954: 119 Sutton Common Road, Sutton, Surrey.

1943 to 1946: Brice Barker, scholar at Truro School. Address June 1954: Hill House, Wadebridge. R.A.F.

1943 to 1948: Peter John Barker, scholar at Truro School. Address June 1954: Claremont, Shirrel Heath, Southampton. – Barclays Bank Limited.

December 1945: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: J. Barker, Fallings Lock, Belle Vue, Wakefield

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Mrs L. J. E. Barker (trading as Ernestine), 17 Brunswick Place, Dawlish, babywear dealer; and against Arthur Barker, 6 Drury Close, Horsforth, carpenter and joiner

October 1955: Clergy: Vicar: The Reverend Canon E. G. Manby, B.A., A.K.C. Tel.: Pudsey 3802; The Reverend L. E. Pfankuch; The Vicar’s Letter: Well over a hundred people must have attended our ‘School of Evangelism’ at one session or another. If you did not come you certainly missed something which was instructive, encouraging and challenging. The Provost provided us with a general picture of the need for Evangelism and gave us the reasons why ‘Every Churchman should be an Evangelist’. Canon Sephton tackled the difficult task of the place of the laity in Evangelism. It is a difficult question because most people have the idea that this is just the parson’s job and very few folk have yet had the courage to examine this question closely and realistically. The Reverend L. Barker stirred us with a vision of what a team of Parochial Visitors could do, and the Reverend J. G. Byrnell gave us a truly wonderful address on ‘How to win Men for Christ’. … E. G. Manby

November 1960: People’s Churchwarden: Mr J. J. Barker, 2 Garden Lane. Tel.: Bradford 42634;

Parish Notes: Young Wives’ Group: At the opening meeting on 20 September we were very pleased to welcome Mrs R. F. Cook, J.P., who spoke to us on the work of a magistrate’s court. … Any member who wasn’t there may be interested to know that we have undertaken to make layettes for refugee children. Information can be obtained from Mrs Barker. On 27 September Mrs Raine presided as Mrs Barker was absent. We had an interesting beauty demonstration given by Mrs C. M. Whitaker who is a registered beauty counsellor. Mrs Dixon kindly consented to be model. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Mrs Stuart has been co-opted on to the committee in place of Mrs Coxon

4 October 1963: Reginald Barker, percussion, Covent Garden Orchestra

7 March 1968: N. Barker and R.Barker, Bedford, Rugby player, playing for the East Midlands against the Barbarians

12 April 1971: E. Barker, linesman

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: George Barker, Gordon Barker and J. K. Barker, all of 59 Brandlings Way, Peterlee Tel.: 2012

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Naomi Barker