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7 March 1528: Ordinations at Lichfield cathedral: Priests Secular: Robert Baker, by title of Haughmond monastery

20 February 1529: Ordinations at Eccleshall prebendal church by Geoffrey, bishop of Coventry & Lichfield: Subdeacons Secular: Ralph Baker alias Spire, by title of Merevale monastery

22 May 1529: Ordinations in Lichfield cathedral by William bishop of Panados suffragan of Geoffrey bishop of Coventry and Lichfield: Deacons Secular: Ralph Baker alias Spire, by title of Merevale monastery.

16 October 1795: To be let by Auction. On Friday the 23d of October inst. between the hours of two and three in the afternoon, at the Ship at Dymchurch, for a term of years; to plow, (if not sooner disposed of by private contract,) all that piece or parcel of fresh marsh land, containing by estimation four acres, more or less, lying in the parish of Newchurch, now in the tenure of Thomas Baker. Also all that piece or parcel of fresh marsh land, lying near the first piece, containing by estimation 3½ acres, more or less, lying in the parish of Bilsington, now in the tenure of Thomas Baker. Immediate possession may be had, and further particulars known, by applying to Mr Reynolds, attorney, Folkstone.

14 January 1832: Commitments – To the County Gaol – By sir R. H. Gunning, bart.: George Abbott and John Harris, on suspicion of having on the night of Friday the 30th or Saturday the 31st ult., burglariously broken open the dwelling house of George Wartley, and stolen divers articles of wearing apparel therefrom, and Eliza Baker, as an accessary after the fact.

5 August 1845: English brig Siawith, captain Baker, at Antwerp, from Gambia

20 December 1846: Memorandum re the transfer from the Gaunt trustees to James Hall of Mixon of land called the Hob Meadow. ‘Will give £30 a yr for Hob Meadow, allowance of £2 a yr for lime. Married Daur of Thos Gould of Elkstone farmer decd 2 Children 4 15 Months Piece above the Meadow wants ploughing and laying down one Common piece 4 unploughed has Hay for one Cow he will ag keep one until Lady day’. There is also mention of [?sureties] Mr Baker of Waterhouses, Mr W Deaville and Mr J Deaville.

16 September 1848: Barbados: Arrival of the cutter Sarah, captain Baker, from Grenada, out 2½ days

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Crab Mill, Lea and Cleverton, Wiltshire: William Baker. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Bisley: John Baker and John Baker junior. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: Fairview Street, Cheltenham: Anthony K. Baker (duplicate)

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Henry Orde Lloyd Baker, Hardwicke Court; Thomas Barwick Lloyd Baker, Hardwicke Court. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Barton St Michael: John George Baker for a house in Barton Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: James Baker for houses in Alvin Street; the Reverend William Baker for a house in Oxford Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Nicholas: Charles Baker, for a house 3 Bear Land.

25 March 1880: County court judgment against J. W. Baker, 163 Boyson Road, Camberwell, Surrey, builder

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by George Baker, 155 King Street East, Plymouth, upholsterer, &c., in favour of Michael Zeffertt; and a bill of sale by Robert Bishop Baker, The Royal Oak Inn, Portishead, innkeeper, in favour of United Loan, &c., Association; and a bill of sale by William Baker, 7 Victoria Street, Burnham, plumber, &c., in favour of Annetta Barnett; and a bill of sale by William Orme Craufurd, 19 Arlingford Road, Lower Tulse Hill, artist, in favour of Ernest Baker; and a bill of sale by Allen Baker, Sidley Green, Mount Pleasant. Bexhill, Sussex, butcher and wood dealer, in favour of Lewis Phillips; and a bill of sale by Henry Baker, 33 Christina Street, Cardiff (of a boat called Lily Annie), pilot, in favour of Richard F. Bellis. Bill of sale: Satisfaction: Philip Bristow, Great Yarmouth, clothier, &c., in favour of George Baker

28 August 1891: For Sale. Black satin fan, hand painted, poppies and cornflowers. Cost 15/-; take 10/6, bargain, used twice. Baker, The Cottage, Monks Risboro’, Bucks.

Wanted, a young nanny goat in milk. Will exchange fowls laying. C. Baker, The Cottage, Monk’s Risboro’, Buckinghamshire

For Sale: Plums, Victoria, 14lb, free on rail, 1/6; apples, cooking, 20lb. 2/6. Robert Baker, Sunbury, Middlesex

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Liverpool. Norseman, s.y., 325 tons, Mr. S. R. Platt, is lying in the Sloyne, and so are Lube, cutter, 7 tons, Mr W. B. Anderson; Norissa, cutter, 12 tons, Mr Alfred H. Mathews; Leanore, cutter, 12 tons, Mr B. M. Bannatyne; Athene, cutter, 10 tons, Mr W. Pierce; Pearl, cutter, 4 tons, Messrs Baker (the latter two were under way on Saturday, and came to at New Brighton for the night).

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Club. Under favourable conditions the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club opened its racing season on Saturday. During the greater portion of the afternoon the wind blew with moderate force over a smooth sea, and yachtsmen were also fortunate in racing under bright atmospherical conditions. The Sailing Committee were Messrs J. Hele (officer of the day), T. C. Hanford and W. Earl (Hon. Secretary). … In events for yachts over 5-rating, Lieut.-Col. Barrington Baker‘s Kite sailed over, and in a match between two boats belonging to Lieut. Oliver, Querida beat her companion.

29 January 1904: William John Baker, of St Clement’s Lodge, Victoria Road, Leigh-on-Sea, was charged with stealing a horse, set of black harness, a builder’s spring cart, two cart lamps, nose bag and two sacks of oats, having broken into the stables of William Watson at Ascot; as well as a shovel and leather strap belonging to Walter Faithful, Watson’s employee. Evidence was given by Watson’s son, Faithful, Charles Allen, Alfred Clark and Charles Parker; by Bernard Burls of 104 Freemason’s Road, Canning Town, whom Baker had assisted in building work and collecting rents; by Police Sergeant Tanser and Inspector Gibbs of Ascot; by Henry Hopkins of 275 Victoria Dock Road, restaurant keeper, and James Penniall of Canning Town estate agent.

‘The Annual Meeting of the Windsor and Eton Royal Albert Institute was held in the large hall on Monday evening [25 January 1904], when there were present: Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill (the president), in the chair, Lady Edward Spencer-Churchill and a number of other ladies, the Dean of Windsor (Dr Eliot), the Vicar of Windsor (Rev. J. H. Ellison), Rev. S. K. Tahourdin, Rev. Albert Lee, Sir Evan Nepean, Messrs T. Clarke (hon. sec.), E. H. Freaker (hon. finance secretary), E. H. Lewis (secretary), W. Fairbank, C. F. Dyson, J. W. Gooch, A. H. Cowley, G. P. Cartland, Purser, H. L. Collmann, A. Bond, E. Bampfylde, R. Wood, R. Ingalton Drake, E. Rowland, A. G. Seymour, T. J. Cartland, D. Cooper, F. Sanders, Goertz, Hayward, Akery, Kempton, R. Brodie, Hester, Holderness (3), R. G. Knight, E. Fuggle, G. Miles, Chadwell, Stilliard, Harrison, Aldridge, Clapshaw, Stilliard, Harrison, Aldridge, Clapshaw, J. E. Gale, Moses, Baker, Stoneham, Brodie, jun., W. Bressey, A. H. Dyson, E. K. Willett, Chapman, Atkins, etc.’

‘Eton Fire Brigade. On duty: Escape-Foreman F. E. Goddard and Fireman W. S. Fountain. Tuesday – Parade at the Fire Station for “Curricle” drill at 7 p.m. R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.’ ‘Eton Fire Brigade. The annual meeting of the Eton Fire Brigade was held on Friday evening at the Bridge House Hotel, when the majority of the members were present, together with Mr Ingalton Drake and Mr Cecil Howlett, members of the Eton Urban District Council. On the proposition of Mr Husted, seconded by Mr Westoby, Mr Howlett was voted to the chair. The minutes of the last annual meeting having been past the following report was read by the Hon. Secretary (Mr W. G. Clarke):- “Gentlemen, I have pleasure in presenting my report for the past year:- Fires.- Called by telephone to the premises occupied by Messrs Butler and Bowden, drapers and general stores, High Street, Slough, comprising six shops and premises adjoining, on Thursday 1 January 1903. Call received at 4.30 p.m.; cause, ignition of goods in shop window of the drapery department by assistant in lighting up; contents and buildings insured in the Atlas Fire Office; damage, the entire block of buildings destroyed; estimated damage, about £18,000; manual engine and eighteen members present. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Baldwin’s End, Eton College, in the occupation of Mr R. S. Kindersley, being a dwelling-house and cottage adjoining, on Monday 1 June. Time of call, 4.5 a.m., premises alight from end to end; approximate time of outbreak 3.55 a.m.; cause, unknown; contents insured in Guardian Office, building insured in the County Fire Office; lives, first body discovered 4.45 a.m.; second body 6 a.m., life extinct; fire extinguished by hydrant supply, assisted by steamer from Windsor Fire Brigade and steamer from Slough Fire Brigade; members present, 14; damage, the entire building destroyed by fire, smoke and water; cottage adjoining slightly damaged by smoke. – Called by stranger to the premises occupied by Mr A. M. Goodhart, Eton College, on Sunday, 13 September; time of call, 2.30 p.m.; cause, over-heating of gas-stove in kitchen; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present 2, damage, stove by fire, kitchen by smoke and water. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Gulliver’s, Eton College, occupied by Mr J. M. Dyer, on Friday 27 November; time of call, 4.55 p.m.; cause, unknown; extinguished by firemen with buckets and hand=pump; members present, 2; damage, room first floor, curtains and painted work, general damage by water; estimated damage, £2. – Called by strangers to the premises known as 86 High Street, Eton, in the occupation of Mr J. Wilcox, dairyman and greengrocer, on 22 December. Time of call, 7.47 a.m.; cause, sparks from fire; contents insured in County Fire Office, building in Norwich Union; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 13; damage, kitchen on ground floor and contents severely damaged by fire, heat, smoke and water, rest of house slightly by smoke; estimated damage, £10. – Called from fire alarm box 52 to the premises occupied by Messrs Gane and Co., bootmakers, 125 High Street, Eton; cause, overheat of stove; insured contents, Norwich Union Fire Office; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 5; damage, about 4 ft super of flooring and mantelpiece, and cutting away by same in back room first floor, rest of contents in room slightly by smoke; estimated damage, about £3. … Competitons. – National Fire Brigades Union, South Midland District. Annual district competition drills held at Luton on 24 June; the Brigade was represented in several drills, Escape-Foreman Goddard and Fireman Bennett being awarded second prize in the two-men drill, in which 19 brigades competed. – The annual competition drills of the Brigade were held as usual on Fellow’s Eyot, Eton College (by kind permission of the Provost and Fellows), and, notwithstanding a very wet afternoon, were witnessed by many interested ratepayers. Escape-Foreman Goddard won the one-man championship of the Brigade in 52 seconds, Fireman G. Bennett being second in 52 2/5 seconds. 20 August – Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade annual drill competitions were held on 31 August at Preston Park. The Brigade was represented in the one-man, two-men, three-men and six-men drills. I regret that Fireman J. Webb suffered a severe accident on this occasion, and unfortunately the Brigade was unsuccessful in every event. … I wish to tender my best thanks to Mr A. A. Somerville, chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee, and to Mr Councillor Howlett for his untiring energy in the interest of the Fire Brigade, and his special journey to Liverpool and Blackpool to inspect appliances there, accompanied by Escape-Foreman Goddard, to whom I offer my best thanks; also to Hon. Secretary W. G. Clark for the ready help given on all occasions. Votes of thanks – to the honorary officers of the Brigade, the Reverend J. Shepherd, Dr E. Hale, Mr J. E. Gale, Mr F. Goddard, Mr H. B. Brown, the best thanks of the active members are gratefully tenders … the Governing Body of Eton College per their Bursar, Mr H. C. Holloway-Calthrop, for the munificent gift of the steam fire-engine and part fire-alarm system and fire-escape for use by members of the Brigade … R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.” This report was agreed to on the proposition of Mr Plumridge, seconded by Mr Halliday senior. Mr Hetherington asked if the Gamewell system was fully installed, as he thought some members were still not on the system. … There was a contest for the Chief Officership. Mr Bennett proposed, and Mr Halliday seconded, the re-appointment of Mr Dugdale, while Mr Westoby proposed Mr F. E. Goddard, and this was seconded by Mr F. Husted. … Mr Bennett junior championed the cause of their former captain with considerable warmth … Mr Goddard [said] he had felt the unpleasantness of being deemed an undesirable member for holding the escape-foremanship on account of his living out of Eton, although he spent most of the day in the town … He objected to being stabbed in the back, and if any member had anything to say against him let it be said to his face. … Mr Hetherinton thought that as escape-foreman Mr Goddard was the right man in the right place … [Mr Dugdale was re-elected] … The other appointments were:- Foreman, Mr Hetherington; engineer, Mr W. W. B. Hill; escape-foreman, Mr F. E. Goddard; sub-engineer, Mr Bettridge; committee, Messrs Plumridge, Fountain, Goddard, Hill, and Bettridge, while the latter was asked to again take up the duties of canteen steward. … On the proposition of Mr Baker, seconded by Mr Hollyer, a vote of thanks was heartily accorded to Mr Ingalton Drake …’

29 August 1904: Postcard to Miss Baker, 11 Pretoria Street, Newington, Hull: ‘Hope you like this card   Father’

c1905: Miss Minnie Baker

September 1909: The Church Lads’ Brigade. Camp at Dawlish: ‘The South-Western District Camp was held at Dawlish between July 30th and August 6th. The Gloucester All Saints Company (under the supervision of Lieutenant Corlett) formed part of the battalion, and they entrained by the 11.13 G.W.R. train to Cheltenham where they were met by the Cheltenham companies. The combined companies then left Cheltenham by the 11.45 for Bristol. They were then taken by a special from Bristol through Exeter to Dawlish. The railway ride was a long and tiresome one until the lads caught sight of the sea just outside St Thomas’ (Exeter), when their hearts were set joyfully beating. The railway runs for about six miles by the sea before Dawlish is reached. The lads formed up outside the station and marched to the camp – which occupied about one quarter of an hour – where they dismissed to their tents until teatime. During tea the Colonel said how pleased he was to meet all the officers and lads of the South Western District again. Tea over, the lads retired to their tents for the night, which they passed very restless. Saturday morning came and the lads went through the usual routine of parades – which included early morning Church parades and held drills at 7 o’clock, then breakfast: at 10.30 the lads again parade for field drills until dinner-time. After dinner they are allowed to go where they wish. On Sunday three Communion services are held: one at 5.30, 6.30, 7.30. On Sunday at 11 o’clock Church parade was held, which the Oxford Regiment of Church Lads and also the Dawlish troup of Boy Scouts and visitors from the town attended. In the afternoon a bathing parade was held, after which there was a roundabout march back to camp, about 10 miles, which brought them back to camp at about 6.45. A hearty tea was partaken and then Church again. This over the lads retired for the night. Lights out sounded, and the lads, very tired, spent a peaceful night. Monday came and the usual parades over the lads went where they wished. In the afternoon some went to bathe in the sea, and others to walk round the town. During the bathing Sergeant Treherne of the Gloucester All Saints Company succeeded in rescuing a lad from the Camp, who had been washed out of his depth, from drowning. The rescued was witnessed by many spectators and other lads on the seashore. On Tuesday a sham fight was fought between the Oxford Battalion and the South Western District Battalion at Little Haldon, some few miles from the Camp, the latter easily being the victors. The boy scouts rendered valuable assistance during these operations. Wednesday was passed with the usual parades. On Thursday the general inspection was held by General Sir F. Lance, Colonel Walker, Colonel Gee and the Colonel of the whole camp, Colonel Kindersley. The lads turned out on parade very smartly and proved very satisfactory during the inspection which occupied about one hour and half. General Sir F. Lance congratulated the lads on their smart appearance and the way in which they did their drills. The Battalions were afterwards dismissed until 1 o’clock when dinner was served. Afterwards the lads went into the town for the last time this year, some going to bathe, and others went to buy presents for their friends at home. They returned to camp by 9.15 and passed another very restless night. During the night the Boy Scours raided the Camp and the guards captured nine of them and made them prisoners until the next morning, when they were allowed to go to their homes quietly, after their midnight adventure. On Friday, the day for returning home, the lads were sorry they had to leave so beautiful a camp behind them – the camp authorities have arranged that they should go to the same place next year. The Battalion, headed by the bugle band, left the camp at 10.45. They raised cheers for the Colonel as they left the camp, and he likewise raised cheers for the whole Battalion. The station reached, they entrained for their different homes, all having spent a happy week, the weather being grand. We are hoping to have such another enjoyable week next year, A. E. Wilcox. The C.L.B. acknowledge with grateful thanks: Miss Foster 10/-, Miss Helps 2/6, Miss Julia Helps 5/-, Miss Payne 2/6, Mr Ernest Palmer 2/6, Mrs Ellis 2/-, Mr Frank Palmer 5/-, the Misses Madan 10/-, Mr Michael Lloyd Baker £1, Mr Bruton 10/-.’

31 March 1912: Postcard to Miss E. Baker, 32 Salisbury Road, Norwich: ‘Dear E.   Thanks very much for P.C.  Sorry you could’nt stay for Easter, but never mind you have had a nice long holiday. When you get to Well’s (mind the Target) I cannot go for a walk today, as it is raining fast  isn’t it lovely   With love from all to all Florie’

29 April 1917: Albert Baker baptised, 3 Plato Street, Harpurhey

October 1922: Hebburn: The Harvest Festival will be held on Thursday 12 October at 8 p.m., and the following Sunday. The preacher at the Thursday evening service will be the Reverend F. Baker, M.A., Hon. C.F., and curate of St James’s church, Morpeth;

Morpeth: St James’s Sunday School. The annual excursion to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea took place on 3 August. … The Rector was unavoidably absent, but the regular staff of devoted teachers were ably assisted by Mrs Waller, the Reverend F. Baker, and Messrs G. W. Haswell, L. Appleby and E. E. Arkless. … A. H. M. and F. Arkless.

Netherwitton: The Harvest Thanksgiving services will be held on Thursday, 19 October, at 7 o’clock, when the preacher will be the Reverend F. Baker, senior curate of Morpeth

July 1924: Advanced Primary Department ‘C’ scholars who have had birthdays during July are George Baker, Elsie Singleton and Francis Bower

January 1927: Candidate for junior membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: F. W. Baker, 38 Glenrosa Street, S.W.6.

22 June 1928: Donald Baker baptised

July 1930: Report of the Joint Meeting of the O.Y.S.A. and M.O.S.A. held in the Dining Block, Cocoa Works, York, on Whit Monday evening, June 9th 1930. Arthur Rowntree presided, and the proceedings opened with the singing of Alma Mater, after which many telegrams and cablegrams from Old Scholars in different parts of the world were read by Miss E. L. Ramsay, of the M.O.S.A., and E. C. Bewley, of the O.Y.S.A. These included the following: – From Cambridge: “Cork and water averse is to pubs, But at Cambridge, believe us, the Cubs, Though absent from Whit, Are here in spirit, And will toast you in tankards like tubs.” Baker, Clegg, Burns, Rowntree, Rowntree, Naish, Kerkham, Moon, Rymer, Bradley, Broad, Wilmers, Hoyland, Gibbins, Black.

[Old Boy] Professor P. J. Noel Baker has become a Member of Parliament, has acted as British representative on the Commission which arranged for the evacuation of the Rhine by the Allied Forces, has been one of the British delegates at the League of Nations, and represented the Foreign Office at the funeral of Dr Nansen.

Old Scholar J. Baker played in Old Scholars’ Cricket Match 9 June 1930:

O.Y.S.A.: Professor P. J. Noel Baker represented the Foreign Office at Oslo on the occasion of the funeral of Dr Nansen. It has been announced that he will be one of the British representatives at the celebrations of the millennium of the Icelandic Parliament. This visit – which will be over by the time this paragraph appears – is to be made on H.M.S. Rodney.

1 April 1931: Scotholme School for Girls, Nottingham: awards presented by Councillor F. T. Baker, vice-chairman of the Nottingham Education Committee;

“The prize distribution in connection with the Boys’ Department of Berridge Road Council School took place yesterday. The Rev. J. Frankland, chairman of the school managers, who presided, presented the swimming awards, the Rev. R. K. Ross the scripture prizes and the ‘Jardine’ cricket shield and medals, and Mr F. T. Baker, vice-chairman of the City Education Committee, the cups and trophies won at the Nottingham and Derbyshire music festivals.” There were speeches by Mr A. J. Barker, the head master, and Mr Harry White of the local branch of the R.S.P.C.A. The cup for singing given by Mr G. M. Sadler was presented. “Master Wilfred Barlow brought pleasure with his singing of ‘Annie Laurie’.”;

Urban council elections: Bakewell: candidates: G. E. Rowland, J. M. Brooks, J. W. Raine, F. H. Baker, F. W. Taylor, T. Clark, jun.; Cleethorpes: South Ward: candidates: J. C. Baker, F. Broddie;

The report on the last meeting of the season of the Nottinghamshire Amateur and Professional Golfers’ Alliance held over the Chilwell Manor course gives the names of the members respective teams:- Chilwell Manor: T. Williamson, F. Baker, C. B. Ambler, A. Parker.

1939 to 1946: John Rylatt Baker, scholar at Truro School. Address in June 1954: 26 Leinster, Leinster Square, London W.2. Wool Business (Morley’s, London). Wholesale Fabrics.

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Stoll Theatres: Cardiff – New (R. 11). – Herman Barewski and his Band, Stainless Stephen, Gladdy Sewell, Baker, Dove and Allen, Joe Baker and Olga, Leon and Kiki, George Pitts. (6 and 8.10. Mat. Sat, 2.30.)

December 1945: Candidate for juvenile membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: D. F. Baker, 12 Alexandra Road, East Twickenham; candidate for affiliated membership (as member of Devonport C.C.): H. G. Baker, 7 Fellowes Place, Stoke, Plymouth

12 June 1951: M. A. Baker and W. Baker, sopranos, The Alexandra Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Mr D. F. G. Baker, The Building Site, East End Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham; and against Mrs Baker, Latchmoor, Argyle Road, Mudeford; and against Mr H. Baker, Greenstead Street, Georges Road, Sevenoaks; and against Mr & Mrs Baker, 10 Cavendish Road, London N.W.6; and against Frederick Baker, 73 Lauderdale Avenue, Kings Estate, Wallsend; and against Mr Baker, The Forge, Karslake, Stogumber; and against Mrs L. A. Baker (widow), 36 Middle Street, Brandeston, Suffolk; and against Robert Leslie Baker, 8 Vale Drive, Findon Valley, Worthing, Sussex, plumber &c.; and against Ronald Baker, Tynant, Abbey Road, Neath Abbey, Neath, Glamorgan

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: J. J. H. Baker, R. Baker, Terry D. L. Baker

1 January 1965: Notice of marriage between Keith Frederick Williams, 24, bachelor, installation engineer, television and radio, 40 Heol Dyfed, Birchgrove, Cardiff, and Janice Baker, 20, spinster, assistant (grocers), 41 Dock Street, Cogan, Penarth: intended to be solemnized at Methodist Church, Albert Road, Penarth.

6 November 1968: George Baker, secretary of Southampton Supporters’ Club

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: P. E. Baker, 8 West Row, Greatham

c1990: Doris Baker [Kay, Jayne & Kevin. Rebecca g’daughter], 80 Nelson Close, West Croydon, CR0 3SW] [Kay Cadd 25 Keens Road]        Pam Baker [Mrs. D. Baker], Penny Platt, 46 Park Lane, Reigate RH1 8JX;  saughter Nicola in Norfolk, c/o Mr & Mrs Mark Stephen, Hyde Cottage, Park Lane, Deopham, nr Wymonham NR18 9HL     [Birthday list:] Doris Baker 5 November