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15 May 1757: Ralph Daniel [signs] and Henry Lowe [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Bradwall, Cheshire: Settlement certificate of Thomas Baly and Elizabeth his wife. [endorsed:] Thos. Baileys Note To Nether Alderley From ye Township of Bradwell  

17 February 1759: Daniel Morreys [signs] and Thomas Twemlow [marks], overseers of the poor of Alsager. Settlement certificate of Thomas Bailey and his family: not to become burdensome on ‘the Thownship of Alderly’

11 April 1776: Peter Bailey [marks] and Job Simpson [signs], overseers of the poor of Lower Withington, Cheshire: settlement certificate of Samuel Bartington and Martha his wife. Witnesses: Samuel Worthington [signs], James Higginbotham [signs]. H. Off. Wright [signs] and J. Glegg [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county certify attestation of the witness Samuel Worthington

1805-1806: The accounts of Peter Jackson churchwarden for Warford:

To postage of a letter informing of the Reverend Ralph Carrs resignation and sequestration   4½d

Edward Wynne for painting   £1 8s 1¾d

John Thornton for ditto   £5 4s 0½d

Treat to Mr J. Lucas about the organ   8¼d

Thomas Massey as per bill for work done in the churchyard   1s 10½d

Paid Mr Philip Henshall clerks salary for 1 year   13s

Thomas Antrobus bill for glazing and painting   £2 17s 5¾d

John Dumvile saddlers bill   3s 3d

John Twiss organist’s salary from 1 January 1805 to Easter Sunday [6 April] 1806

Miss Ann Norbury’s bill for washing and mending surplices   4s 8¼d

Philip Lowe’s bill for new coat for sexton, bread, candles, &c.   9s 2½d

James Mottram blowing bellows same time as the organist   13s 6d

John Holburt for clerking to Easter Tuesday [8 April 1806]

John Henshall for smith work as per bill   8s 6d

Edward Wainwright for carpenter work   16s 3d

Thomas Owen for whitewashing and plaistering   £1 14s 4¼d

Nathaniel Dumvile for repairing and cleaning clock   5s 10½d

John Swindells cleaning church, opening church doors and care of clock   17s 6d

Mr Lean’s bill for whiteing glue &c   5s 3d

J. T. Stanley esquire bill for timber, lime &c.   10s 3¾d

George Germain for a pair of shoes for sexton   2s 9d

Thomas Owen and his men liquour when working at church   2s 11d

Samuel Jepson for ditto   1¾d

Edward Wainwrights allowance when working in the church   2s 9¼d

John Holburts allowance when clerking   1s 5½d

John Antrobus and his men when working at church   1s 9¼d

Thomas Massey and John Swindels when working in church yard   4d

William Hambleton for coals and making fire for painters   6¾d

Mr Johnson for wine on 4 sacrament days   16s 9d

Mr Whittle’s bill for hair   3s 9d

Ditto for drawing 1 load of slate   2s 6d

Mrs Broadhurst for gravelling churchyard   2s

Robert Foden for repairing house   4½d

Mr Bailey for parchment   9d

William Dale’s bill   2s 4½d

Samuel Jepson’s bill   1s 7d

Wardens, singers and parishioners treat when the Reverend Edward Stanley came to Alderley   7s 0¼d

A treat to Knutsford ringers by Mr Jackson   6s

Mr Downes leading sand &c ½ day   1s

£30 7s 5d; received by a lay, £32 2s 5d: £1 15s

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: Fairview Street, Cheltenham: William Bailey

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Littleworth: William Bailey for a house in Littleworth Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Nicholas: Frederick Bailey, for a house in Westgate Street; William Bailey, for a house 68 Westgate Street..

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of Thomas Bailey, [Reg. No:] 1173, 22nd Foot; [born:] Chester; [trade] labourer; [age] 20; [size:] 5[ft] 6½[in]; [hair:] dark brown; [eyes:] brown; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 20 March 1879 [at] Dublin; [marks & remarks:] took waistbelt and park of reg. nec.

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Beckett Bailey of Aston Arms Inn, Sutton, Runcorn, victualler and farmer, in favour of James McWaters (purchase money)

25 March 1880: Holder: W. & J. A. Bailey, Alloa Pottery, Alloa. Acceptor or Promiser: James Mann, glass and china merchant, 83 King Street, City, Glasgow

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Elijah Bailey, Barnardiston, Suffolk, farmer, in favour of Charles Ray; and a bill of sale by Robert Woods Bailey, 11 Derby Street, South Stockton, labourer, in favour of Abraham Levy; and a bill of sale by Elizabeth Bailey, 25 Wharf Terrace, Savill Town, near Dewsbury, cab proprietor, in favour of Joseph Cliff

18 August 1880: Taunton: ‘A porter named Newman Bailey met with a serious accident at the railway station on Tuesday morning. He was engaged in shunting a goods train, and while the train was in motion attempted to jump on a step; his foot slipped, however, and the wheels passed over it, crushing it very badly. Bailey was taken to the Taunton hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate the injured limb.’

1891 to 1894: E. W. Bailey, scholar at Truro School.

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Southampton. At Day, Summers & Co.’s yard, Northam, Palatine, s.y., Mrs Watney, was launched after having been in dry dock for a clean up. She is now in the Itchen at the buoys completing her outfit. Alkelda, schooner, Mr Bailey, and Assegai, s.y., Colonel Crozier, have left the yard. Rita, s.y., Mr Burton, is still under repairs. Lothe, yawl, Mrs Watson, arrived from the Mediterranean. She had a splendid run home, and went on the mud in the yard, and will not go in commission again this season.

1900 to 1901: Wilfred Edgar Bailey, scholar at Truro School.

To 1901: E. C. Bailey, scholar at Truro School.

29 January 1904: Eton Board of Guardians and Rural District Council: report of a meeting of the Board: present, Mr J. Hartopp Nash (in the chair), Mr H. R. de Salis, Dr Waters (vice-chairmen), the Reverend J. H. Matthews, Dr Newman, Colonel Ward-Bennitt, Commander Booth, Messrs F. B. Buckland, G. Hibberd, H. L. Darvill, C. J. Hill, F. Baxter, J. C. Howlett, E. Dyke, W. M. Bailey, E. H. Parry, W. Gamble, Z. H. Nash, T. H. Saunders, A. A. Somerville and W. Hearn. The Local Government Board inspector, Mr Stevens, complained of the condition of the patients in the sick wards. Dr Fuller reported bed sores in one case. An application by the London United Electric Tramways Company to extend their line from Slough to Taplow was considered. Mr R. H. Barrett (clerk) and Mr H. L. C Barrett (assistant clerk) asked for their salaries to be increased from £150 and £12 10s per annum respectively. Letters were received protesting about the lopping of the trees in The Avenue, Datchet.

27 July 1905: Postcard to Miss M. Bailey, 25 Linton Road, Hastings: ‘Dear M.  I went into a shop this afternoon to buy some P.C.s & remembered you wanted an upright actress   hope this will suit   K.B.’

1917 to 1922: William Charles Bailey, scholar at Truro School.

3 January 1918: Report on the death of John William Bailey, aged 53, a boiler cleaner, of Spring Grove Place, Leeds, from gas poisoning in a boiler at a local steel works.

1919 to 1920: W. E. Bailey, scholar at Truro School.

April 1920: Printed at Bailey‘s Harpurhey Press, 914 Rochdale Road, Manchester. Tel.: 161 Cheetham Hill.

26 April 1926: Edward George Bailey [born 19 January 1912], of Peacocks Road, Cavendish, Suffolk, farm labourer, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Drew sick pay May 1928 and March 1929. [Still contributing until at least December 1929]

27 September 1928: Maurice John Bailey [born 31 May 1914], of Peacocks Road, Cavendish, Suffolk, milk roundsman, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Still contributing until at least December 1929.

1 April 1931: Mr N. Bailey, at Loughborough Boat Club annual general meeting

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: R. V. Bailey, 29 Thingwell Park, Fishponds, Bristol

January 1936: Valete: IV A: R. Bailey has gone to Berkshire

Prize List, 1934-5: 3rd Year  –  W. Kearney, S. J. Saunders, R. E. Williams, D. Jones, J. Munn, J. C. Watkins, A. W. Glanville, R. Bailey, F. Tildesley, A. Wearn (Geography and Manual), R. Haslett (Physics).

1940 to 1946: Kenneth John Bailey, scholar at Truro School. (Westminster College). Address, June 1954: 50 Union Street, Camborne. Teaching at Cornwall Technical College.

1942 to 1949: Terence Alfred Dunstan Bailey, scholar at Truro School. Address, June 1954: 3 St Mary’s Terrace, Truro. Schoolmaster – Birmingham.

1951: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Girls Third Class, teacher Mr I. Smith: pupil Jennifer Bailey (born 29 March 1941). Primary Class, teacher Mr P. Brutnell: pupil Edith Bailey (born 1947).

1952: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Girls Second Class, pupil Jennifer Bailey (born 29 March 1941). Primary Class, pupil Edith Bailey (born 1947).

1953: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Second Class Girls: Jennifer Bailey (born 29 March 1941). Primary Class: Edith Bailey (born 1947).

15 April 1953: County court judgments against A. M. Bailey, Sandbach Farm, Chelford, farmer; and against R. Bailey, 2 Meadows Croft, Audley Road, Alsager; and against John Bailey, 16 Cumberland Street, Denton House, Carlisle, textile process worker; and against A. J. Bailey, 220 Harrington Street, Derby; and against Mr Bailey, Hamlyns Farm, Exwick, Exeter, cattle dealer; and against Mr S. H. Bailey (trading as Baileys), The Cedars, Sellindge, builder and contractor; and against Mrs E. A. Bailey, trading as Cotswold Knitwear, Sheldon House, Broadway, Worcestershire; and against Arnold Bailey, Old Sun Inn, Colton, York, innkeeper

1954: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Senior Class (Boys and Girls): Teacher, Mr R. Bailey. Junior Girls: Pupil, Edith Bailey (born 1947).

1955: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Senior Class: Teacher, Mr R. Bailey. 2nd Class: Pupil, Edith Bailey.

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: G. B. Bailey, J. O. Bailey, Ronald Neil Bailey

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: H. J. Bailey, 11 North Close, Elwick Tel.: 2288; Harry E. Bailey, 5 West Park, Hartlepool Tel.: 3275

c1990: Beryl and Jerry Bailey [Adrian James] [Xmas 1989], Flat 18, 29 Rose Walk, Berrylands, Surbiton

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Anthony Bailey