Audley, Staffordshire [p012104]

Ancient parish in Stafford archdeaconry of the diocese of Coventry & Lichfield

Audley, Staffordshire, 1612

Audley, Staffordshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Audley, Staffordshire, 1876

Civil Parishes, 1879

Audley [centre, yellow] surrounded (from the north, clockwise) by Alsager (Cheshire) [blue], Church Lawton (Cheshire) [orange], Kidsgrove [green], Goldenhill [orange], Hardings Wood [pink], Wolstanton [blue], Chesterton [orange], Silverdale [green], Keele [pink], Madeley [blue], Betley [pink], Balterley [blue], Barthomley (Cheshire) [orange] and Haslington (Cheshire) [yellow]. Of these, Church Lawton, Wolstanton, Keele, Madeley, Betley and Barthomley were separate ancient ecclesiastical parishes. Alsager, Balterley and Haslington were in Barthomley parish; Kidsgrove, Chesterton and Silverdale were in Wolstanton, Goldenhill was in Keele, and Hardings Wood in Audley.

Audley, Staffordshire, 1950

7 October 1309: Hug’ fil’ Agn’ le slatter de Aldidelegh’ ad secta d’ni Regs p morte Rob’ti Forst ad hu’c Com’ exacts. tercio. no’ ven’  Ideo exigr .iiijto.

25 November 1309: Hugo fil’ Agn’ le Slatter de Aldedelegh’ ad sectam d’ni Rs p morte Rob’i Forst ad hu’c Com’ exactus quarto no’ venit s’ manucap’ p Hug’ de Copenhale  I’o &c’